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Discussion started by Samuel, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Samuel

    Samuel Member

    Can someone please recommend products which have similar scent profile as Speick original? I love the scent of the shave stick, cream and especially the deodorant. Soaps, creams, colognes - all suggestions are welcomed :)
  2. walklikeaduck

    walklikeaduck Member

    4711 is very similar.
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  3. nav1

    nav1 Member 2018 Sabbatical

    I have yet to experience the scent of Speick in a non-Speick product.

    I can only wish other products had the same scent.

    The Speick EDT is not like the stick but is a damn awesome cologne!

    I could sniff the Speick stick all day long!! It's my top 3 performing shaving soap of all time and one of my favourite scents.
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  4. walklikeaduck

    walklikeaduck Member

    I can attest to the Speick EDT; top notch. A very clean, masculine scent, but not too overpowering.
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  5. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Active Member Grand Society 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    How many mls of Speick EDT per bottle are available on the market these days?? 50ml or 100ml?
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  6. Korbz

    Korbz Member

    Myrsol agua balsamica I think. It’s been a long time since I used speick, loved it though. I got the myrsol as it was supposed to be similar, and I remember thinking it was, but has stronger rosemary/herbal notes.
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  7. walklikeaduck

    walklikeaduck Member

    50ml I believe. Speick sells a larger bottled version of their classic scent, but it's under a slightly different name, and from what I've read, the scent is not the same at all.
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  8. Drubbing

    Drubbing 110% Smiley-Free Site Moderator

    Sorry, they are nothing like each other. Myrsol reeks of in your face rosemary and thyme, Speick has a subtle citrus and faint lavender scent, and whatever the speick plant brings.

    The Speick EDT has simply been repackaged from the original, you pay more, get less. The EDT is a disappointment if you're looking for a longer lasting Speick aftershave scent. It is barely recognisable from the AS.
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  9. Samuel

    Samuel Member

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I will get my hands on the EDT soon.
  10. nav1

    nav1 Member 2018 Sabbatical

    Are you referring to the 100ml EDP or the 50ml EDT?

    The EDT was very strong and lasted well into the evening for me.

    I used to put one spray on the wrist and rub wrists together and one spray under my shirt.

    I don't use any scents now but that's what i did when i used them.

    Whilst the EDT doesn't smell like the stick, it's a great scent. I can only dream of a Cologne with the scent of the stick.
  11. Drubbing

    Drubbing 110% Smiley-Free Site Moderator

    I've had both. They only sell the 50ml now. It's the same stuff IMO

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