The Stray Whisker dodgy email?


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Jun 23, 2017
Richmond, New Zealand.
Guys, I just received this today.
Fired off a query about it to Stray Whisker, but no reply.
Looks dodgy. Had my first name but look at the wording.
Uncompleted bits every where. The second sentence just comes to a dead end. No voucher code given, no secret key given.
Does Stray Whisker give voucher points?
Your thoughts? No...I did not click on any links, and I have 'removed' them from this post.
I reckon it's dodgy, so just a heads up to you guys too.

"Thank you for shopping at The Stray Whisker. You have earned reward points from . You will be able to use your reward at the checkout page on (removed)

Voucher Details:
Voucher Code:
Voucher Secret Key:
Voucher Value:

Instructions for using your voucher:
Enter the above voucher code and secret key at the last stage of checkout on (removed). The value of the voucher will then be applied to your order. Any outstanding balance can be paid with the payment methods available on (removed). If you do not spend the entire voucher value in single transaction, the remaining balance will be available on your account for future use.



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Menth Dealer
Jun 22, 2016
I took a look at the email when it hit my inbox, there was no malicious links or otherwise. They may be deploying a new plugin for their site, having migrated to a new solution a few months back or it simply triggered a bulk email for whatever reason.

You can easily check your points at the stray whisker by logging into your account too, so there is never any need to click if uncertain.


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Feb 2, 2011
No, there is no malicious links in it. As Dan said, must be a new plugin or program that imported past purchases.