PER Time for another PERTH meet up

Discussion started by Mark1966, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Mark1966

    Mark1966 Shavepocalypse 'Prepper' Staff Member Site Moderator Grand Society 2016 Sabbatical Fail

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  2. Greenpike

    Greenpike Member

    Great idea, @TomG and @Mark1966 .

    I think we definitely should aim for a winter get-together because I think our late December one is happening when people have lots on or are away. I also think our group has the energy for a 6 monthly cycle if we decide to. I'm thinking early in July to give people a nice bit of calendar notice. I still have a number of giveaways left from December, such as Santa's vintage blades and handsome brush soakers (bahahaha). There is potentially so much to share, based on who our WA clan includes. I might be able to source some more of Robin's amazing Bloom Shave Bowls, for example.

    If you haven't been tempted to come along before - the ultimate reason is the shared products because when you're in WA it's so hard to sniff and test gear before you commit to online sales. I know for certain, because of last night, that Fenchurch rather than Ozymandias is the scent profile I prefer from @todras 's latest majestic works. No guess required now.

    So, some questions for the Westralians here:

    1) Would you be up for a wet-shavers meet-up in July?
    2) Preferences for days / dates? This could include when NOT to have it. Weekends might not be as easy as weeknights etc.
    3) Freo again or is it time for a NOR venue? It certainly should be somewhere warm based on the last week.
    4) Which sucker^H^H^H^H^H^H hero is going to do the legwork?

    Come on, lads. Get vocal and have your say.
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  3. Bucephalus

    Bucephalus Member

    As a senior citizen (groan), anytime suits me. As a senior citizen with a disability, anywhere SOR suits me.
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  4. Dustin L

    Dustin L Member

    I would be keen for a meetup at some point but unfortunately I'm going to be out of the country from Jun 30th until mid September and then again from early November until early January!
    Hopefully I can make it to one some day.
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  5. TomG

    TomG Member

    I'm in.
    Can lend a hand with organisation.
    Preference for me would be second half of July, but not a biggie if more members prefer it earlier.
    I'm fine for either weekends or week nights.
    Other Sandgropers to add to the list are @DrBob and @RazorPlay.
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  6. Cris

    Cris Member

    I’m in, I get pretty much 6 weeks of my roster so as long as I have plenty notice I should be good to go. NOR or SOR suits me even though I’m in lowly Mandurah! Hahaha I will try and rustle up some giveaways too! See what happens and what I am happy to let go of lol
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