PER Time for another PERTH meet up

Discussion started by Mark1966, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Mark1966

    Mark1966 Shavepocalypse 'Prepper' Staff Member Site Moderator Grand Society 2016 Sabbatical Fail 2018 Charity Auction Winner

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  2. Greenpike

    Greenpike Member

    Great idea, @TomG and @Mark1966 .

    I think we definitely should aim for a winter get-together because I think our late December one is happening when people have lots on or are away. I also think our group has the energy for a 6 monthly cycle if we decide to. I'm thinking early in July to give people a nice bit of calendar notice. I still have a number of giveaways left from December, such as Santa's vintage blades and handsome brush soakers (bahahaha). There is potentially so much to share, based on who our WA clan includes. I might be able to source some more of Robin's amazing Bloom Shave Bowls, for example.

    If you haven't been tempted to come along before - the ultimate reason is the shared products because when you're in WA it's so hard to sniff and test gear before you commit to online sales. I know for certain, because of last night, that Fenchurch rather than Ozymandias is the scent profile I prefer from @todras 's latest majestic works. No guess required now.

    So, some questions for the Westralians here:

    1) Would you be up for a wet-shavers meet-up in July?
    2) Preferences for days / dates? This could include when NOT to have it. Weekends might not be as easy as weeknights etc.
    3) Freo again or is it time for a NOR venue? It certainly should be somewhere warm based on the last week.
    4) Which sucker^H^H^H^H^H^H hero is going to do the legwork?

    Come on, lads. Get vocal and have your say.
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  3. Bucephalus

    Bucephalus Member

    As a senior citizen (groan), anytime suits me. As a senior citizen with a disability, anywhere SOR suits me.
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  4. Dustin L

    Dustin L Member

    I would be keen for a meetup at some point but unfortunately I'm going to be out of the country from Jun 30th until mid September and then again from early November until early January!
    Hopefully I can make it to one some day.
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  5. TomG

    TomG Member

    I'm in.
    Can lend a hand with organisation.
    Preference for me would be second half of July, but not a biggie if more members prefer it earlier.
    I'm fine for either weekends or week nights.
    Other Sandgropers to add to the list are @DrBob and @RazorPlay.
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  6. Cris

    Cris Member

    I’m in, I get pretty much 6 weeks of my roster so as long as I have plenty notice I should be good to go. NOR or SOR suits me even though I’m in lowly Mandurah! Hahaha I will try and rustle up some giveaways too! See what happens and what I am happy to let go of lol
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