Timeless base plates and other worries.

Discussion started by Blackie, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    I may have been 'slightly' seduced by a Timeless.
    What plate is considered better (not wanting aggressive...but I like smooth/efficient)?
    Choices are...
    Bronze OC with .78mm blade gap.
    Bronze SB with .38mm blade gap.
    Stainless OC, SB, or scalloped with .68mm or .95mm blade gap (and smooth cap or scalloped cap.
    Who has one/used one and can give their thoughts?
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  2. Snooze

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    Het @Blackie I have the stainless Timeless 0.95 OC with plaid handleand I love it. It is an extremely well crafted razor, great weight and balance and i love the open comb design as it seems to leave little lather trails making it a smoother shave :whistle: This may just be my imagination - but I have noticed it with other open comb razors.

    The 0.95 is aggressive - I usually use a Feather, Permasharp Super or vintage blade in there. All work very well. The head is quite big, and a lot of people complain it is difficult to manage under the nose area. I haven't really had this issue (I have a big nose).

    All in all I love the combo and would recommend it. it is a "desert island' razor for me. With the Blackbird OC it is probably my top non-vintage DE.(y)
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  3. Scotty

    Scotty Member 2018 Sabbatical

    I have the bronze SB and it's extremely efficient.... don't spend your time worrying only about blade gap to determine efficiency and aggressiveness ~ it's more about the combination of blade gap/blade exposure/blade angle/etc that determine performance.
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  4. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    "Extremely efficient..." as in peel your face off if you get it wrong, or mows whiskers down and leaves you clean cheeked all day?
    I don't mind efficient. I don't want mild (Tech or Mamba style), but I also don't want to feel a blade gouging across my skin either.
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  5. Scotty

    Scotty Member 2018 Sabbatical

    Never tried a tech or mamba so can't compare to them but..... works as well for me as a Rockwell on plate 3 or 4 for my particular facial hair circumstances. Face has never been peeled with it so no need to worry about that ~ never read anybody complaining about it being too aggressive, most reviews people are surprised about how easy it is to shave with and the results they get.

    I found plenty of discussion on the interwebs before purchase.... a lot of good commentary from cunninglinguists (both lovers and haters) who provide comparison to a whole lot of other gear I don't use. I didn't keep any of the forums bookmarked but they'd be easy enough to find through Google.

    Be aware though, bronze will darken and oxidise and it will take some effort to keep it looking shiny and new. I've gone the other way though and let mine patina as I'm too busy doing other stuff most of the time. Works just as well regardless how the patina effects the surface I feel.

    Will go for a shave now and put a photo of the patina up in SOTD for you to see.
  6. Razor Burn

    Razor Burn Member Grand Society Da Menth Heads

    Hi @ Blackie - As an owner of both Bronze offerings and they're both great in their own way. I highly recommend Timeless for great customer service, availability and quality products. The Bronze offering uses a different head design than the 'premium' SS or TI models and I think thats great as it allows you to shave under the nose and I'm yet to have any difficulties finding the correct angle despite the sqaure head/base plate design. Only let down for me is the Bronze as it's a bit of a pain keeping it clean and some users dislike the patina look but mine's yet to develop one. Aestetically speaking the Bronze keeps with Timeless' high standards and weight of the handle creates a well balanced DE but I'd also like to see them introduce some other options as with the 'premium' models.
    Bronze SB: Despite a .38mm blade gap it shaves smooth; on par with my 6S on R3/R4 plates and I can happily use it as a daily shaver.
    Bronze OC: I'm not sure if it's due to the sqaure design but the .78mm gap has some distinct blade feel without too much bite. I happily use it with a few days growth as it easily mowes down the beard smoothly; on par with my R41. Not a daily driver but comfortable enough to use between shaves without fear of giving oneself a blood bath :)
    I'd love to try one of the 'premium' offerings but I worry the larger head would make shaving under the nose a pain but the Bronze IMHO is still a great option for anybody seeking a well made, quality shaver at the 'premium' range so best of luck making a decision. They have an ebay page and you can buy them from Maggards or direct via their own site. Happy shaves!
  7. FluffyGroodle

    FluffyGroodle Member




    Hi mate! I purchased a bronze .38 Timeless and won the other two (.68 & .95) in a raffle last year. They're all well made razors, and I would encourage anyone to get one if it piques their interest. They all work very well despite the differences in the blade gaps. Admittedly, I'm more careful in using the .95 one but I haven't had a bad shave with it. A good middle ground will probably be the .68 or the .78 in bronze. At the end of the day, it will all come down to how you adjust your technique to suit the razor & the blade :)
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  8. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    "...and won the other two in a raffle....".
    I wouldn't mind having 1/2 your luck (mind you, I have just bought a ticket in the OZ Lotto $100,000,000 for Thursday night).
    Who knows?
    Hey, lovely looking razors there.

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