Timeline for gear posted from UK or US to Aus?

Sep 24, 2019
Hi Guys,
What's the expected timeline for stuff posted from the UK or US to Australia these pandemic days?

I sent a razor to the UK for a honing and it took about 5 weeks to get there - it was held up in UK customs for a week or so, and was duly honed and was posted back on about 31 March. Still waiting and it's now been 7 weeks! I also ordered a brand spanking new Dovo from Superior Shave in Florida, US and it was posted on 10 April, so almost 6 weeks and still no razor. It's killing me waiting for this stuff.

I also bought a Atomo diamond lapping stone from Fleabay sometime in April, and was told that the expected shipping date would be sometime in June, from Japan. A week later I got a message saying that due to the pandemic, they have stopped shipping to this part of the world. I just can't take a trick at the moment.

A motorbike seat bought from Fleabay and shipped from the UK to my place in late March took just three weeks - so the delays must just be for shaving items.

Not sure if the problem is good ole Australia Post or the country it was shipped from. I tend to think that they are sitting in a warehouse in Sydney somewhere.



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Mar 2, 2015
Shaving ie.advised that they are not allowed to ship to Aust, but the Govt. Is reviewing this on a week to week basis