AUCTION CLOSED Tony Forsyth Custom Megaton High Mountain White 24mm Fan Shaving Brush

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Nov 14, 2014
We are very proud to present this auction lot generously donated @Tony Forsyth from Perfect Pens and Pencils

Please read the auction guidelines here before bidding.

International bidders: basic international airmail shipping with basic tracking is included for this lot

Australian bidders: this lot will be shipped free of charge within Australia


Our "Megaton" TF Custom Shaving brush handle is hand cast right here in Western Australia. The handle is then turned drilled and polished and the High Mountain White Finest knots are set here in our workshop in Brisbane.

A truly hand made in Australia TF Custom Shaving Brush.

The shaving brush handle Dimensions are as follows.
  • Handle height is 62mm with an overall shaving brush height of 112 mm.
  • The handle is set with a 24mm Finest High Mountain White.
  • Knot is set with a 26mm diameter socket set with a loft of 50mm.
  • Overall handle and brush weight is approximately 75gm's
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