Touch up stone or just paste


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Feb 1, 2016
So, I've got a razor honed and shave ready by an expert. I use and strop it until I find the edge just isn't there any more. It needs a touch up.

At this point, I could take it a pasted strop, or a finishing stone?

What is the best plan of attack here? I have a leather hanging stop pasted with crox. Is that going to be enough or should I look at a stone, maybe a Shapton Pro 12k? I don't need to go back all the way to 1k or do I? I am happy to send it out for a proper honing but would like to buy the minimum equipment to keep that eventuality as far away as possible.

I was poking around getting a full set of stones, but really, beyond damaging an edge, I'm not really going to have a need for that. I just want to keep an edge sharp.
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