AUCTION CLOSED Transparent Blue resin with white resin drizzle Shaving Brush

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Apr 26, 2011
We are very proud to present this auction lot

Genuine hand-made shaving brush by fellow P&C member @TroyTools from TROYCRAFT Custom Shaving Brushes in Brisbane.
Please read the auction guidelines here before bidding.

International bidders: this lot is not available for international shipping.

Australian bidders: this lot will be shipped free of charge within Australia.

Transparent Blue resin with white resin drizzled through from the top

This construction forms a striking resemblance to a 3D diorama of underneath the arctic ice.

Handle height is 68mm with an overall shaving brush height of 121mm.
Handle diameter at the widest point is 40mm, and 30mm at the narrowest point.
The handle is set with a 24mm two band finest badger bulb shaped knot.
Knot is set with a 26mm diameter socket set with a loft of 53mm.
Overall handle and brush weight is 94gm's.

Caution: Extremely high risk of overloading soap and lather on brush when user hypnotises themself when staring at beautiful pattern
in bottom of brush during soap loading and bowl lathering operations.
No responsibility taken when new owner is left in catatonic hypnotised state resulting from this action.

Video link here:

Apr 3, 2021
Thanks @TroyTools for your donation to the cause, and I must admit that I was pretty tempted on this.
You're very welcome Monsta.
I won't go into it here, but suffice to say that this topic is very close to mine and my wife's heart, so I was only too happy to donate 2 of my finest brushes to this very worthwhile cause, and I will do it again!(y)


...can I interest you in some vintage blades?
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Feb 2, 2011
I won't go into it here, but suffice to say that this topic is very close to mine and my wife's heart
I definitely get it, that is indeed that case for virtually everyone. There is very, very few people that have not been impacted by the big C in some way with people very close to them. I have had a grandparent, an aunt, other more distant family, friends and work colleagues all affected in some way.

Running this place, knowing another of your members has lost their battles is always a deep moment for me. It cuts very deep.
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