Troy Tools Custom Brush Handles

Apr 3, 2021
Ooh. :love:

I was going to ask if you were planning on adding a coin to the base, but that last pic makes the question irrelevant. :unsure:
I am near decided on a coin design (big decision, considering they cost over $5 for each coin:vomit:) Have to get it right before ordering.

Preserving the underside of that handle was a task, that's for sure. Squaring the bottom on the precision metal lathe, squaring and glueing another small sacrificial block to that end for gripping in the chuck (normally the bottom of every blank is waste) all to preserve a few mm of blank. Worth every second I reckon. It's beautiful!:love:
Wait till you see all the Candy coloured blanks I have been making. Wow!

Here are the blue one's brothers I made last week.
The thin one on the left was an unintended design change, after massive chunks flew off the middle (lucky for facemasks) when a forming the raised feature belt around the centre.:inpain::banghead:
Waste not want not.