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Discussion started by sealer, Jun 12, 2018.

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    A fellow from a spanish shaving group has just asked me about tis store:

    I never heard of it, never saw AFAIK their products around. It looks more like a rebranding store? Did you have any experience, knowledge of them?

    For what he told me, it looks a really complex way for buying, like opening an account in another company, then sell it to USA, and then buy back through amazon. Pretty weird I reckon....

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    Formerly known as Julian Vue, Vikings Blade is a small family boutique headquartered in Australia, known for creating the legendary Chieftain safety razor in 2015 and the Godfather razor in 2016. Improved upon classic designs, most of our shaving products are patented and exclusively made from high end materials imported from Europe. Supreme in-house quality control and close, smooth, manly, BBS shaves are what Vikings Blades is known for.
    As the "legendary" Chieftain safety razor was created in 2015, it went from zero to hero in 3 years (n)(n)(n) .

    Found this answer to a question relating to the Vikings Blade "Godfather" razor:
    For this particular model: The assembly workshop and QC is in Victoria, Australia; the steel mill that forges the parts is in PRC with Australian management and supervisors, and the razor blades are imported from Sweden.
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    The Godfather razor is a Baili BD191,with a red and black stripe on the handle.The Chieftain is a Baili BD521L,the Vulcan is the Baili TTO head on a different build,Baili,handle.
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    Where does @pvsamson 's find above leave this " ..... most of our shaving products are patented and exclusively made from high end materials imported from Europe. ....."

    As it does not state to where the "high end materials" are imported to, one is left with the impression of Australia.
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    They claim that they originally were an "underground" company trading through another name,that they were approached by another company to bring them online and which eventually took over,that they are the original designers and had Baili produce the razors for them,then Baili broke the mold,then they figured everything out with Baili and started manufacturing under the Viking brand name after remold.Then Baili copied the designs and started selling the same types of razor,yet Viking managed to use the broken mold to build another and recommence producing the original design razors But the Vikings are better because they are heavier,and they were the top Amazon best seller for a few years.
    Also....It seems that this "leading Australian high-end grooming family boutique" are sometime this year,releasing a TTO adjustable.
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    Amazing research folks.
    Thank you very much :)

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