Week 8, 2011


...can I interest you in some vintage blades?
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Feb 2, 2011
Post your current rotations here.

Hit my shaving.ie box tonight, and broke out the new Trumper Violets tube, and added a Gillette Platinum Classic (aka White Platinum), and my yet-to-be-shaved-with NEW. Also from today's delivery was my Alt Innsbruck aftershave lotion sampler.

Bowl-lathered a good nugget of the Violets. Creamy, slick lather and lots of it delivered by the Muhle Pure Badger. Pleasing floral scent but not overpowering, nicely controlled. Very impressed with the protection afforded by the lather.

I have to say, the NEW shaved beautifully but I found it hard to keep the angle right and not let the open comb leave lines of lather on my face..... whoops. Weighted in the head more than the handle tended to give me balance problems also but I can get used to that.

The White Plat did an admirable job, in fact after the WTG pass I didn't feel like going any further. I feel it is very comparable to a Dark Platinum, however I wish to test one in the same razor and see how that compares. That said I do like the blades. Not liking the price - I spent well over $1/blade for these.

Now, the Al Innsbruck. What a nice scent. Little bit stingy due to a bit of alcohol and menthol, but that does go after 15 seconds. A nice lotion this, definitely worth the few dollars for the sampler. I possibly used too much, feels greasy afterward, but my face feels moisturised.


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Feb 8, 2011
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My current rotation as follows:

Edwin Jagger DE86 with an Indian Wilks.

Using a Semogue 830 Boar and TOBS Jermyn cream.

Pre shave - Nivea Young face scrub.

Post shave - Nivea Balm.

The blade felt good, did a great job and I was only left with faint stubble along the jawline which I will put down to my technique, as the rest of the face was very smooth.

I didn't cut myself which, in a way, is almost a shame as I bought some Proraso gel and wanted to see how fast it would seal me up from a nick.

I will use this cream and blade for another three shaves and then I think I will go on to a Crystal.
Feb 9, 2011
Mine is currently
Merkur barber poll and Shavemac 177
Blade - Bolzano
Pre - Proraso
Soap - Geo F Trumper Lavender
Post - Speick balm

I've picked up my Muhle R41 open comb - quite a nice blade. Should be interesting to give it a go tomorrow morning. Also thinking about making inroads into those Italian soaps I've accumulated over the last month or so. P.160s, Cella and Valobra. Also the MWF bowl. Just too many to try!


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Feb 8, 2011
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I'm too lazy to bother with set rotations. I've organised my cabinet, but that's about it.

If I have something new, I'll usually run with that for a while, but current favourites are:

Semogue 830
HD + Astra
Proraso or Floid

Giving the Valobra Menthol and tallow stick a run next week. Both are pretty basic products. Nothing to write about in the scent dept, in fact the menthol smells like stale putty. The stick smells like cheap hotel soap. If they work as drably, then they won't get much love.