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Discussion started by Errol, Jul 27, 2018.

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    One of the simple joys in my life is to achieve a smooth shave with the minimum of fuss. I have now assembled a reasonable number of razors and that number continues to grow at a greater rate than I care to admit. What I’m going to try is that roughly every week I use a razor and present my thoughts on it. I’m continuing my test procedure of two blades for two shaves each and shave every second day so that makes eight days per razor and as there are only seven days in a week, hence the roughly. I want to be honest and if I like a razor, say so and if I don’t like a razor, be up front and let you know why. Let’s see how this goes.

    OneBlade Core

    I’ve been interested in the single blade razors for a while but lack experience in using them. My theory is that I’ll shave the same way I do with a double edge razor; if it works, it works, if it doesn’t, I’ll have to work out another plan. The OneBlade Core is manufactured from a black polymer and has been weighted with a metal chassis which takes away that cheap plastic feel. The deep black luster of the polymer is very pleasing on the eye. This razor is built to take the Feather FHS-10 blade in a spring loaded pivoting head. Loading the blade is simply achieved by pushing the blade forward in the blade groove from the rear till it clicks home. There is a caution here to stop if you feel any resistance pushing the blade, remove it and try again, the blade is probably not square.

    After the first few strokes I had to check that I’d fitted a blade. Yes, there was a blade but very little was happening. I was studying the pivoting head and it was not being employed for most of the time so my angle was correct. Added to my woes with the razor was the fact that the wings on the head of the razor, where the blade groove is would not allow me to shave under my nose. Under my nose shaving was later remedied by me changing the angle I was using the razor at. I completed the shave but for me the shave was so mild as to be ineffective; I could still feel stubble after finishing the shave. Unfortunately the next three shaves were little to no better. Growing just on the inside the corner of my mouth is one hair that annoys the living begeezes out of me if it is not removed. Try as I might this razor would not get that hair. Out with a DE razor for just one hair.

    I fully understand OneBlade’s theory on the pivoting head and while I do not like it, there is an opportunity in the market to capture shavers moving from cartridge razors. The pivoting head makes sense to me on the entry level razor but on a higher level razor????

    Blades used 2 ½ x Feather FHS-10

    My opinion – Too mild to be effective
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    Nice review @Errol! Keep them coming! :)
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    This week I chose to use another OneCore product to try.

    OneBlade Genesis

    Big brother to the Core, the Genesis is a stainless steel version that has supposedly the same geometry and features; some people will never learn. This razor oozes quality; it is very well machined, has a magnificent finish and is nicely weighted. The handle is basically square with a machined out section that provides great grip at all times. This handle is just another atheistically pleasing and unique feature of the Genesis razor. The head pivots exactly the same as the Core. While doing a pre use inspection of the Genesis I discovered a small flap under the head that pivoted in the end of the handle. If I was to put an ‘O’ ring around this flap I could get rid of the pivoting head feature.

    First stroke with this razor and I knew I had a nice shaving razor in my hand. It is just on the mid aggressive side of mild but produces a smooth and comfortable shave. This is one razor that I could continue to use daily. I never did have to fit that ‘O’ ring because the razor worked so well. That pivoting head on the Genesis faded into obscurity; I don’t believe I put that feature to the test because everything is set at my angle of attack. That hair inside my mouth never stood a chance against the Genesis.

    Blades used 2 ½ x Feather FHS-10

    My opinion – Excellent

    PS. Why 2 ½ Feather blades used. Simple; because the Genesis performed so well I pulled the Core out again. Sadly there is no change to my original thoughts on the Core.
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    Excellent. But needs pics.
    (I'm a hypocrite, I know)
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    Sorry @lerenau. I would love to add photos but try as I mite I cannot get them to the thread. I know @Mark1966 directed someone to a link recently so I tried but it just didn’t work. I’ve given up, even though I know it would improve everything immensely.
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    Rockwell 6S

    One of the most asked questions I see around the forum is “How does this razor compare to the Rockwell 6S?” This 6S has been in my possession for around 18 months so its time I put a blade in and find out for myself. Everybody and their dog seems to own a 6S so just a quick description. The Rockwell 6S is a three piece stainless steel razor that comes with three flippable base plates giving six different levels of aggression. With its blasted satin finish, it’s a bit agricultural in both feel and looks but the handle provides really good grip and the razor simply gets the job done; no pretentions, no fuss. I started the shave on plate #4 but after the first single pass changed to plate #5 and left it there for the rest of the test. What a shave? Smooth and confidence inspiring; it’s no wonder that this razor is so popular. Why haven’t I tried this razor before? Pig headiness I guess.

    Blades used Merkur & Feather

    My opinion – A very good razor
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    Really appreciate your reviews mate! Utilitarian razor, that just delivers. Great for a cruise control shave.
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    Could not have put it better.
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    Great reviews Errol. We will be happy to read more once you tried other razors.
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    I have now worked out how to post an image. This is the pair of OneBlades.
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