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Discussion started by Drubbing, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Drubbing

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    We don't appear to have dedicated section to random randomness, so here this goes.

    Don't know how much any of you are into music, but I listen a lot. I know a few of you, like me, are off to the Foo Fighters in summer. I have a wide range of tastes, but my mainstay is pretty much guitar rock; the usual suspects, Foo Fighters, Led Zep, Floyd, Hendrix, Motorhead, Radiohead, U2, Clapton... then there's The Clash, Eels, Hawkwind (I'm a bit of an old hippy and showing my age), some old blues and 70s rock etc. Although I prefer Clapton as he's mellowed and gone back to the blues, and collaborating with the great JJ Cale, who's virtually unheard of and that's just the way he likes it. Clapton had massive hits with a couple of Cale's tunes; Cocaine and After Midnight.

    So what I'm listening to now is a bit commercial and out of the box for me.


    This is an odd choice for me to start off a music thread, as the material is a bit broken heart and girly. Couldn’t help it, this girl's voice is just magnetic.

    She’s the antithesis of Mariah Carey, who’s typically American; showy, overblown, overdramatic, but not over herself. She’s more about vocal pyrotechnics and volume than soul. Adele is typically Brit; classy (not wiv her accent tho) understated and reserved, but you can tell there a pedigree there, that she can sing just about anything, but prefers subtelty to showing off. She is going to be massive, as if she wasn’t already.

    She can really sing, and I’m not just talking about hitting the notes. Plenty of karaoke singers can do that well, and half of them are on the X factor. This album has a brit feel to the R&B too, reminiscent of the 60s sound. I got the CD with a couple of bonus tracks and she shows she’s got an exceptional Blues voice too, and slipped in a nice reworking of an old Cure track. I’m thinking what Amy Winehouse did for Jazz, she can for R&B, in it’s purer sense. What the yanks class as R&B is an excuse to stick anything and everything Poppy and rappy, in the same basket.

    This however, is more my sort of listening style.


    I first heard Gary Moore as a kid and really only liked his rocky stuff. I didn't get into the blues, but the man was good as I came to appreciate later; rapier fast frets when he wanted to be, but a fine blues voice and exponent of the genre. Died this year of a heart attack, only in his early 50s. This album was one of his biggest sellers, even though the 80s wasn't really the era for blues guitar players.

    All this sound pretty good on my gear too. Like PJ, I've accumulated a good headphone set up. I've got a digital/analogue converter connected to my Mac, a headphone amp to that, and a few phones, with a couple costing me $3-400. My $400 Grados are stupidly priced here, costing about $800, but I picked mine up in LA a couple of years ago. That sounds like a lot for headphones, but when you compare what a similar quality speaker/CD set up costs, it's a no brainer, and I prefer listening via headphones most of the time.

    Anyone else listening to anything interesting?
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  2. JugV2

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    Right now I'm listening to The Streets - A grand don't come for free.

    It's British hip hop / rap.

    I tend to listen to a very wide spectrum of music. I learned drums at a young age and played in a band for some time, in the last few months I have rekindled my love of drumming and I have weekly lessons. Last week I played some Hendrix, Ash, Elastica, Nirvana and a bit of U2.

    I grew up listening to the stuff my mum liked: Queen, Bowie, Meatloaf, Elvis, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Fleetwood mac, Cat Stevens.

    About the only stuff I can't/won't listen to is R&B and Pop.

    When I say R&B I refer to the definition Drubbing used, not true R&B but the shite that is now commonly referred to as R&B.

    I did like the Adele song - you all know the one, it's on Underbelly - but it gets flogged on commercial radio and now it shits me to tears to hear it. She has an eclectic voice and despite never having heard her album I would honestly think it would be amazing.

    George Thorogood is one of my favourite blues guitarists. Ugly as hell but damn he can play.

    So a few of my favourite bands that I keep returning to:

    Foo Fighters
    System of a Down
    Pink Floyd
    Nick Cave (such an amazing voice, check out Murder Ballads)
    Guns N Roses

    Just a few there

    I listen to a lot of trance music too; I love electronica as a whole.

    Oddly enough when deeply into my second bottle of red I have a tendency to put on Harry Connick, specifically his big band stuff. I don't know what it is about that music and his voice but it just makes me wanna sing.


    I don't use any fancy headphones but I think more and more that I should.

    At home, I use my PC as my music player and I play across the network through the Xbox. I have over 125GB of music on a server.

    I use a Creative 7.1 soundcard with Logitech Z5500's in my study and in the lounge area I use Yamaha floor speakers and a Yamaha sub.
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  3. Drubbing

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    Oh man, that's gear for flame city on some forums. Not here though. I can lend you a nice pair of phones for a listen. They'll probably go all right from an aftermarket card or your hifi, they'll rip it up with your choice of music too.

    I got PJ into shaving crack, I can do the same with audio [evil smiley, if you must...]
  4. JugV2

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    I truly do appreciate that I could buy better gear but honestly I'm not bothered.

    One of the guys I work with is a recording artist outside of work and today he brought in a pair of cans he purchased for $499, and was enthusisastic about the deal he got on them. Now, they were quite spectacular, but really, I don't use headphones that much, I have a few pairs of Sennheisers but that's really it.

    I'm sure I would get flamed on Audiophile forums. Is there a smiley to convey how much I don't care?

    The next thing I want to buy is a new PC and with that I will get a much better audio card, and a turntable so I can listen to my vinyl.

    Have you ever listened to the original vinyl of John Bonham playing Moby Dick for twelve minutes?
  5. Drubbing

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    No. But I've got the marathon DVD and Moby Dick at the Albert Hall is on there. Vinyl isn't my thing anymore. I grew up with it, and won't get rid of my albums, but don't play them, most are crackled to buggery anyhow. My Technics turntable/amp/headphone combo stinks, and that's the amp's headphone jack fault. I'm no audio snob, but I do like the set up I've got together over the last 3 years. It wasn't expensive, even by audio standards, but carefully chosen.
  6. Pjotr

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    Same here. One of my sons (I've got a few) borrowed my vinyls for use on his decks and they sound absolutely spotless. I couldn't believe my ears. I just think I never paid much attention to the quality or age of the stylus In any case just to get back on topic, to a degree I appreciate almost any music. Having said that I think Dave Grohl is a genius and I've been a diehard Foos fan for years now. Outside that I listen to a plethora of bands going back to the 60s and I've also got about 300 hours of classical music I've collected and haven't seriously tackled yet. Almost without fail using headphones. Good thing I did collect it all because my favourite shop in Perth (Wesley Classics) appears to have gone under.
  7. pablo_h

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    About a week ago I started the same topic on a different forum, so here are my preprepared answers:

    Well The Stooges of course.
    The Stooges - 1969 - YouTube
    I wanna be your dog
    The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog - YouTube

    Tom Waits.
    Tom Waits - $29 00 - YouTube

    BB king
    BB King - Nobody Loves Me But My Mother - YouTube

    Caligula - "Tears of a Clown" - YouTube

    Cat Powers

    Cat Power - Satisfaction (Rolling Stones cover) - YouTube
    troubled water
    The Perfect stranger soundtrack - YouTube

    Mark of Cain
    The Mark Of Cain the contender - YouTube

    faith no more - "from out of nowhere"
    From Out of Nowhere by Faith No More - YouTube

    Bill Withers - "use me"
    Bill Withers - Use me - YouTube

    Joy Division : Transmission
    Joy Division - Transmission - YouTube

    One of my favourite bands, The Church
    The Church - Under The Milky Way (Audio only) - YouTube

    The triffids, wide open road

    INXS The loved One
    INXS - The Loved One (1981) - YouTube

    The Spencer Davis Group
    Stevies Blues
    Spencer Davis Group - Stevie's Blues - 1966 45rpm - YouTube
    Give me some loving
    Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin - YouTube
    I'm a man
    Spencer Davis Group - I'm a Man - YouTube
    Keep on running
    SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - Keep on Running (original sound) - YouTube
    Every little bit hurts
    Spencer Davis Group Every Little Bit Hurts - YouTube
    together until the end of time
    The Spencer Davis Group , Together Till The End Of Time - YouTube

    I don't really watch TV except for sports, so I just listen to music a lot and post on forums. Anyway that's the music I posted on another forum so mainly geared to oldies and reliving some AU classics.
    So my love of Portishead, Radiohead, Nick Cave and Sigur Ros went unmentioned.

    Is this a what are you "listening to", or a what you are "listening with".
    The most expensive gear ain't going to make some of the recent rubbish called music sound any better. People that have the voice of an 17 y/o Steve Winwood in the Spencer Davis Group linked above have been replaced by a 'product' singing with autotune...

    For the record, using onboard sound into the DSE A2760 amp and the DSE 4" bookshelves that they sold as a combo a couple of years ago for ~$200. At least it's better than plastic "computer speakers" or cheap headphones. Proper chipboard speakers I have!

    edit: Found this, pretty cool
    The Master's Apprentices - Easy to Lie

    Of course every one knows this song by them

    The Master's Apprentices - It's Because I Love You

    But how about these?
    Elevator driver

    Future of Our Nation


    Whelp, stayed up until 2am and got hell drunk and became a Master's Apprentices fan, need to track more down and maybe get physical copies ...
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  8. Drubbing

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    Listening to. I just wandered off into listening with. Yeah, I realise all links in the SQ chain need to be quality, otherwise crap in, crap out.
  9. pablo_h

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  10. Drubbing

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    Lotta love for Bon:


    Portishead too, I have the Roseland CD and DVD. Belters.

    SHIT! Portishead at Belvoir Amphitheatre in November - found it on Pabs YT link.
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  11. JugV2

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    $88 a ticket for Portishead.

    Not too bad.

    Highway to Hell is one of the staples I am learning on drums at the moment, must have played it five times today.
  12. pablo_h

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    Cool! It's great to find out what's happening from youtube links and comments while searching for music.
    The other day I found out the Ed Keupper, the church and the Triffids are playing in Perth in Dec at red hill auditorium as well. Was looking up some classic 80s australian music while searching before. I only found out about it through youtube.
  13. JugV2

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    That's a pretty good trio to see.

    If only they could get Pulp to tour again...
  14. pablo_h

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  15. pablo_h

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  16. JugV2

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    Never heard of Elbow before either.

    Wow. Very impressed by Grounds for Divorce.

    On a side note - I am heartily sick of Gotye's latest song, the duet with Kimbra. Somebody that I used to know.
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  17. Monsta_AU

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    Admin Post
    AKA 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'.... that damn xylophone section gets me everytime.
  18. JugV2

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    That fact just blew everyone's mind in my office.

    Now I can't NOT hear baa baa black sheep every time I hear that song.

  19. pablo_h

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    Freaking bored, most forums I'm a member of is quiet.
    So I'm listening to some Nick Cave, and some Butthole Surfers.


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  20. eggbert

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    Inspired by a pm with Drubbing I have taken my one set of decent headphones out of storage.
    No fancy listening gear here, just a sandisk sansa clip+ (which sounds much better than an ipod to my ear), and a set of basic grado sr62 phones.

    A bit of De La Soul (3 feet high and rising), and now I am on to Nirvana -nevermind. both albums i have not listened to in a very long while.

    After that? I don't know but Billy Bragg needs a bit of an airing - maybe Talking to the taxman about poetry.

    Got a weekend of work coming up, so no going out for me tonight. Just a few beers and a few tunes.

    I'd forgotten how much better music can sound with a decent set of headphones. Canalphones just don't do it for me.
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