Woda Kanclerska - after shave

Aug 26, 2021
Warsaw, Poland
Living in a small town sounds like a sentence to many. There is no cinema, college, countless clubs. Many believe that the people living there are not as "up to date" as those from big cities. Even if someone manages to break through and they move to a bigger city, they are called "jars". Góra Kalwaria, if anyone has heard about this town, it is only in the context that it is near Warsaw. The inhabitants of the capital know it mainly for their car windows. Two main roads run through Góra Kalwaria, as befits such towns. One Warsaw-Warka (used by motorists commuting to Piaseczno and the surrounding area to work, and on weekends allotment gardeners going to Pilica). Second, you can write international leads from the car exchange in Słomczyn, to the bridge over the Vistula river, in Góra Kalwaria to the east. Even 30 years ago, when passing through Góra Kalwaria, not even passing traffic, but stopping in a traffic jam, because these two roads were always jammed, you could basically see only local tasters of low-percentage drinks produced in nearby Warka, surrounded by apple orchards (hence the popular term JABOLE). The second remembered sight are the buildings from 1819, proudly submitting to the spirit of the times, of the 5th Tsarist Lejbguard Foot Artillery Battery. (Previously, these were the buildings of the Piarist monastery). After the fall of the January Uprising, Góra Kalwaria became the station of the 29th Chernihiv Infantry Regiment. General Field Marshal Prince Iwan Dybicz Zabałkański. For this unit, new buildings were erected at the end of the 19th century on the premises of the defunct Dominican monastery.

The wealth of such small towns is the people who live in them. Łukasz KANCLERSKI - creator of the Kanclerska Water.

The review presented below is based solely on his own experience with the reviewed product. I do not know the producer, Łukasz Kanclerski, I have never met or spoken, nor did I have any correspondence. I bought the Kanclerska Water for my money on the website of the company store.

1. CUCULLUS NON FACIT MUNICH - the hood does not make a monk

It was five forty in the morning. The rays of the warm sun silently penetrated the open window of the convent's cell in Wierzbno in Warsaw. The sky was cloudless. As every morning, the birds sang their morning song. A white butterfly sat on the breviary, which was lying on the windowsill. After looking around, he proceeded to the morning toilet. The man lying on the bed against the wall was gazing lazily at the sun's rays, his eyes narrowing steadily. In accordance with the principles of the novitiate, the Franciscans gather at six o'clock with the whole community for the morning Lauds, followed by mental prayer and immediately followed by Holy Mass. community at 7:00 am. After the Eucharist and thanksgiving, the brothers go to the refectory for breakfast. The man got up and sat on the bed slipping his feet into his new blue ZICO slippers.

"... Everyone has already said what they knew.
He listened to me well three times.
Everyone agrees with each other,
and it will still be as it is ..."

At that moment Brother Seweryn knocked on the cell door and peered in. With his sense of humor and escalating aura of positive energy, he was a better means of arousal than dark black coffee. You got up asked? Oh, I see morning dilemmas, he quickly assessed the situation, concluding from his friend's face. Listen to this:

... He walks a Franciscan through the deserts and meets the Lion, "Lord God, let this creature have Christian feelings," he asked God. At this the lion stopped suddenly, crossed himself and began to pray. "Bless Lord, these gifts which I will eat out of your generosity ..."

Seweryn laughed out loud and disappeared behind the ajar cell door. Brother Simon, because that was the name of our hero, looked at the crucifix on the wall and whispered:

And whoever leaves his father or mother, brothers or sisters, wife or children, houses or fields for Me, will receive a hundred times more and will have eternal life ( cf. Mt 19:29; cf. Mk 10:29 and Lk 18:29).

Then, he got up and left the cell, making his way towards the toilet.

2. ERRARE HUMANUM EST - to be wrong is human

God calls us to serve in many different ways. A credible sign of a calling is the feeling at the heart of this invitation. This is an invitation, not a warrant!As in the case of a marriage, the decision is made by two future spouses, so in a religious vocation a free response is needed.Already at the time of entering the monastery, the candidate must make a decision about the life of a brother. A vocation to religious life can be recognized above all thanks to the gifts that have been received from God and the inner voice of the heart. The signs of vocation are: a predisposition to a stricter external loneliness, openness and predisposition to the priesthood, the ability to organize work in a cell, a love of studies, the ability to enjoy various physical works, a love of a humble and quiet life, as well as simple and free prayer and awareness of the call to a specific service to confreres. The potential candidate must first of all be a Catholic believer with an orderly life of faith and a thorough religious education. In addition, he must be physically and mentally healthy as well as capable of being both alone and

The novitiate is an annual period that follows the pre-novitiate and takes place in Kalwaria Pacławska near Przemyśl. The novice becomes a religious and as a sign of this he accepts the Franciscan habit. During this time, he tries to understand even better and deepen his personal decision to follow Jesus Christ in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. He also learns more and more deeply and practices the Franciscan way of life. The crowning of the novitiate is the ceremony of taking the first religious vows; chastity, poverty and obedience for a period of one year. Further formation takes place in Krakow. The young Franciscan begins his studies at the Franciscan Major Seminary or undertakes junior formation.

It is not uncommon to leave the novitiate before the final oath, and it is certainly not condemned. There can be no question of an infantile need to throw responsibility for one's life onto another human being. Obedience does not absolve you from personal discernment. Therefore, making conscious decisions about oneself is a virtue, not a human handicap, it testifies to his emotional maturity and spiritual responsibility.


How true in the light of the promotion and creation of the Water Kanclerska 1991, this is a titular saying of the Americans. What is the KANCLERSKI brand. In order to introduce you to the history of the brand and draw your attention to the creators, their passions, work and commitment, I had to spend some time and plunge into the depths of the Internet. The information I was able to obtain shows that the nucleus of the KANCLERSKI brand was born in 1991 in Silesia, where the future wife of Łukasz Kanclerski, the creator of the aftershave product Edyta Kloss, known as Ladybarber, was born. She took over her passions from her mother, who worked as a male hairdresser for at least 45 years.

Edyta, in order to fulfill her dreams, against all odds, and in harmony with herself, in 2013, like many young Poles, went to England. All information about her can be found on Facebook, where the girl is incredibly dynamic, enthusiastic and really hit. On her profile there is the whole history of her work and brand building, in which, as you will see, she puts her heart and soul into it. I do not know how the hearts of Edyta and Łukasz KANCLERSKI were connected, but from the point of view of a person who does not know them, but only receives information online, they beat in one rhythm.

Thus, I learned that the Water Kanclerska 1991 is dedicated by Łukasz Kanclerski to his wife - Ladybarber, 1991 is a special date. The information on the network shows that she had her share in its production.

To sum up, the KANCLERSKI brand is the result of work, experience and barberian passion.


As you can see in the clip above, the packaging of the product shows a special approach to the customer. Starting from the black envelope, through the black curly shavings filling, samples and printing. These kinds of details and trinkets show with what care the manufacturer pays for his offer. It makes a special impression on me, because I know how much work I put into the packaging and equipment of Monocero Husaria. You have to do all of this yourself by taking the time.

The bottle is made of thick glass with a rounded shape. This type of solution allows for a perfect and pleasant grip in the hand. An atomizer was used in the bottle, which was the result of a survey among recipients !!!- As I wrote, this is a product for the customer, not for the cash register. However, I must honestly say that the atomizer does not fulfill its task at 100%, I wrote about it below.

Etykieta takes us straight to the disco in the 90s, a pleasing project for the eye. The label contains all the information needed by the consumer. The whole thing made a VERY POSITIVE impression on me.


Water is a yellow liquid in an oily form, more dense than common AS. Declared composition of the producer:

"... Aftershave 1991 is a product from the new Kanclerski fragrance line. It has antibacterial properties, effectively and quickly soothes irritations after shaving and has an excellent toning effect on the skin. Water in a spray bottle, which facilitates its application to the skin. also use as a scented water, but its durability is not as strong as in the case of men's perfumes ... "

COMPOSITION: Alcohol denat., Aqua, Parfum, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil, Panthenol, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Citral *, Coumarin * , Limonene *, Linalool
* essential oil ingredients.


Immediately after opening the bottle and the spray on my hand, I liked the smell very much. I would call it a candy in a crude way. I can't say more, because the smell is not my good side. For me, the smell is pleasant. My wife said briefly - it may be. Wanting to get more information, she asked; what do i expect from her reply. She explained that the smell is different immediately after application, it perceives it differently from my wrist than from her own. According to her, the fragrance is simple and has popular fragrance notes. I've learned so much. I heard the same opinion from two more people.

Here is how the fragrance is described by the manufacturer:

The 1991 aftershave smell is subtle. In the foreground, the aroma of orange peel. After a few minutes, you can smell sweet licorice and mandarin and the stronger and stronger scent of guaiac wood, which smells similar to that of leather.

Top note: orange peel
Heart note: licorice, lime
Base note: tangerine, guaiac wood

I certainly feel the change in the fragrance extended over time and the strength of the exposure, which is very strong at first, but quickly loses its strength and evaporates. The producer himself emphasizes that it is not eau de toilette and the smell is fleeting.

To sum up, the fragrance for me is very nice, spring and pleasant.


The use of an atomizer was to facilitate the application of Kanclerska Water on the face. As a rule, the purpose of the atomizer is to atomize the liquid. In the case of Kanclerska Water, it does not work. The water is thick and greasy, and the atomizer simply pours it, not sprays it. The application of Chancellor's Water to the face while wearing the shirt causes a splash of drops and stains on the shirt. It is more practical to apply on the hand and rub it on the face.

Before I bought Kanclerska Water, I read the review available about it. This review omits the BIG DISADVANTAGE of this cosmeticwhich was very objectively indicated by the admin of the neighboring Robson forum. Kanclerska Water is MASSACRICALLY sticky. After the first use, I broke down, all sticky hands and face and head. I wanted to record a movie and upload it, but I would have got my phone stuck. As I stood in front of the mirror and thought about washing it off, I remembered that I had already had this kind of barber water and experienced such a feeling. It was PAN DRWAL water .

It was this moment of reflection and hesitation that changed my attitude, because after about two minutes the sticky filter began to be absorbed, and after five minutes the hands and skin of the face and head were completely "dry". What's more, it gained firmness and elasticity. I didn't need to use any aftershave cream. This intrigued me very much.

During the next application of Kanclerska Water, I just waited five minutes and enjoyed the perfect condition of the skin. It was then that I thought that barbers have a different approach to the subject. Their product is not for show, but a product for professional use, which is to have specific properties. These properties are the CLU of everything.

Kanclerska Water definitely has a strong moisturizing effect, has a great effect on skin regeneration and soothes skin irritations. It comes at the cost of a temporary "sticking", which, however, quickly disappears completely. However, it is important that you know it and do not refrain from using it after the first use.


Kanclerska Water is available on the manufacturer's website and in other online stores. Is the price high? Hmm, keep in mind that this is an artisanal product and I doubt the purpose of its creation was for financial gain. In my opinion, this Water serves to promote the brand and the profit from its sale is symbolic.


The KANCLERSKI brand is a great example of fulfilling the dreams, passions and ambitions of the young generation. It is worth praising and imitating the creators' involvement in their work, expenditure on personal development and the use of social media. The properties of the product itself are really very good and recommendable. For my part, despite slight flaws, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND .