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WTB/WTTF Polsilvers

Discussion started by thisISjoel, Mar 21, 2017 at 8:08 AM.

  1. thisISjoel

    thisISjoel Member

    I got a 5 pack from somewhere, turns out I love them, but they're about to run out and I don't wanna wait for shipping from overseas so sell me some polsilvers, please?

    I also have a puck of MWF (attempted to lather maybe 6-10 times) and a tub of Shaver Heaven Movember (80% left, maybe. I'm rubbish at estimating) if there's any interest in those.

    Cheers boys!
  2. Adam

    Adam Member

    Have you ever tried perma sharps ( gold packaging) ?To me They are nearly identical and can be found locally fairly easily.
    But In saying that polsilvers are my number 1 blade.
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  3. thisISjoel

    thisISjoel Member

    I have not, but thanks for the tip (y)
    nsavage likes this.
  4. beerhog

    beerhog Member

    ive got 90 left i will never use if your interested.
    thisISjoel likes this.
  5. thisISjoel

    thisISjoel Member

  6. borked

    borked Shave, collect B&M pokemon, vodka, sleep, repeat Grand Society Group Buy Associate Da Menth Heads

    Which Polsilvers mate?
    I might be able to spare a few... ;)

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017 at 12:49 AM
  7. nav1

    nav1 Member

    Someone should trade for the Shaver Heaven Movember.

    I used mine today and had a lovely shave! What a great scent!!
  8. thisISjoel

    thisISjoel Member

    I've only tried the super iridiums, if there are others to try I'm interested.

    Some has :)

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