XenForo update to v1.4.3, plugins updated/removed

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Feb 2, 2011
Well it has been some time (about 10 months) but I have finally gotten around to updating the XenForo forum software to the last licensed version we have available to us (license ran out in January). The license only entitles you to updates and support, so we won't do anything until the next major version is released.

The new version means that certain functions being done by plugins is now in the core. Any plugins as such have been removed, and all remaining plugins brought up to latest versions as provided by their writers.

Unfortunately, I have had to take the decision to remove a plugin from a particular provider which displayed the number of likes you had. This provider also wrote our theme/skin. They have been removed from the main XenForo forums for some pretty unconscionable conduct. This includes:
  • Stealing code and using it in their products;
  • Stealing images to place in their own products;
  • Install/Uninstall routines with excessive 'phone home' scripts & data collection; and
  • Distributing hacked versions of the XenForo software through another site they owned.
Their products leave links to their sites from ours, and as such it boosts their Google rankings. As a result, I have decided that I cannot trust nor support them and will remove all their products from the site.

What does this mean?

Well, right now about the only change you will notice is that the look of the forums will change soon. I am trialling a couple of alternate themes which are available in the theme chooser (go hunting in the footer for it). It's completely unsupported and may change at any time, so don't be upset if it changes or you get a theme you like and it is removed. 'Hydrogen' remains the default theme for now but this will change later.
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