XenForo updated to v1.3.1, other plugins.

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Feb 2, 2011
Hi all;

I have taken the opportunity to take some time to upgrade the forum to the latest release of XenForo v1.3.1 and also update our style to a compatible version. As a rule, I generally do not update to a first major release of the software as the first patch usually fixes quite a few issues.

XF 1.3.1 brings a couple of nice features, the main one you will note is Multiquote. You will see a + sign near the reply link in the bottom-RHS of the post. Click that to 'tag' it into multiquote, then hit the 'Insert Quotes' button below the Quick-reply input box. The rest should be self explanatory. If not, refer to this video for a demonstration.

There are also new smileys in this release. I am doing some work in the background to make them visible, but feel free to go ahead and piss off Drubbing with them!

Unfortunately I did not have time to fully test my steps against the Dev site and as a result I screwed up the styles a bit. No matter, I will fix over the next few days.

Tapatalk has been upgraded to the latest server-side version of v2.0.3 also.
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