Avon Black Suede After Shave

Jan 20, 2016
Has any one used the above aftershave , the reviews on the net sound good but would like to hear from some the forum an their thoughts, i have been using proraso green and sandalwood for my daily splash,
Jan 15, 2019
Black Suede Touch was a recent "Flanker" to the original Black Suede pictured at the right. Avon are well known for scents ranging from mediocre through to very good with the occasional outstanding one. For me Black Suede definitely falls into the latter category. I've been using this since the late '80s and whilst it is now made in China it is still a terrific woodsy masculine scent. I've tried Black Suede Sport, Black Suede Touch, and Black Suede Leather which are all just OK but the original Black Suede is a classic. It's a shame Avon products are no longer available in Australia.
Dec 19, 2016
I adore Avon aftershaves and have a stupid number of vintage bottles of the liquid gold. Black Suede is another very safe and sound scent. They all are excellent post-shave products if you have naturally oily skin. If you enjoy Black Suede, and alcoholic splashes in general, I can recommend the following...

1) 1970s Clint (oh, BOY!)
2) 1960s & 70s Wild Country / 1960s Tribute
3) 1970s Trazarra / 1960s Excalibur
4) 1970s Deep Woods / 1970s Windjammer
5) 1960s Spicy (good original Shulton Old Spice dupe)