Gillette Red Tip Super Speed Review

Jun 23, 2018
Savannah GA
The Gillette Red Tip Super Speed is an excellent and wonderful razor that shaves 100% close, comfortable, clean and of course amazingly. The Red Tip was introduced in 1955 with two other Super Speeds models; the Flare and Blue Tip. Gillette labeled the Red Tip being HEAVY for men with heavy beards. The weight of the razor is heavier than the Flare and Blue Tip, but it's easy to maneuver around the face with no issues. The handle knurling of the Red Tip is amazingly beautiful and flawless and after all of these 70+ years, the Red Tip is still a stunning razor. The Red Tip, sadly was the shortest production Gillette razor from the 1950's; from 1955 to 1959.

In comparison to the Flare and Blue Tip, the Red Tip shaves much better. Despite the weight of the razor, this is NOT an aggressive razor. Some call it aggressive, and some say it's mild, but I agree with the ones that say it's mild. Other things about the razor; is that finding the angle is not difficult, and grip is solid. There seems to be lots of blade gap/exposure but again it's not aggressive. The bottom line is, the Gillette Red Tip deserves to be in lots of wetshaver's 5 top razors list.