Hello everyone from a newcomer

Aug 25, 2019
Roma (Italia)
My name is Giovanni, I am 70 years old (unfortunately or fortunately, I don't know), I was born and I live in Rome (Italy). I'm retired (I used to work on the railway), I'm a grandfather of 3 grandchildren (the 4th is coming), and when I'm not in school, my wife and I have a lot to do, because they're with us. By chance I came across this shaving forum, in particular on the articles "Weekly review of the razor" started by Errol, and I found it very interesting, for the shaving experiences with various razors that give us Errol and all the participants in this discussion. And so I decided to sign up and follow it carefully.
Good things at all


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Apr 29, 2017
Welcome @giova1949 Thank you for the mention in your introduction, that’s a first for me. I’ll try and keep the reviews coming and your feedback is always welcome. There is a lot of knowledge amount the members so if you need any information please ask and there is generally someone who can help you out.


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Jun 1, 2017
Hi @giova1949 ,

Welcome! Also interested in what shave gear you use. DE's, SE's or straight razors. What brush/ brushes do you like? Do you buy Italian shave soap or do you like some of the international offerings?

Will you also be raising the fourth grandchild? You'll be a very busy man.