Look at my new Prototype Chubby


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Feb 27, 2017
Mate, I indeed did, in regards to above :)
Not sure of your actual question but gather you want to know why a brush maker is dropping my name 😋
Well firstly as you do know I'm an opinionated person and have ideas in my head. I saw a very well made and executed product and engaged @Vlasta to get one of his lovely brushes and ended up talking about everything else. From anodising, cerakoting, materials, ideas and then other designs. I was really interested on his new approach to using a screw thread to adjust the loft of a brush knot. Really think this is a wonderful dynamic way to approach all brush handle designs as it allows the maker not too worry about fixing the brush depth. Can give the end-user the ability to adjust the knot how they like it. Where you dump $xxx on a lovely brush and after a week or two of use you realise the loft is too high or too low :unsure: So instead of selling it (usually at a loss) or storing it you adjust it and use it again. After a period you can then set it permanently. This idea we discussed at length and how to implement this strategy on all brushes.
From there he showed me a prototype he was working on and I gave my opinion, cough cough input and hence the production model.
He is producing these brushes with optional knots (very nice Silver tips) and in various metals firstly brass, titanium, maybe nylon and aluminium. Personally the Ti variant would be stunning and would lift some weight out of it but retain enough heft to scream premium.
Now I'm late for work :LOL: