Musgo Real No. 5 Lime Basil

Jun 22, 2015
Camden NSW
So I received this yesterday, am still waiting on the balm but I thought I would share a few thoughts about it.
I bought this as a summer cologne, thinking it would be quite light and fruity, however that is not the case, or at least to my nose, and I will say now that I've never really been into after shaves and colognes until now, I'm no expert so bear with me.
To me this cologne has a heavy, woody, earthy scent, very different to scents I've come across before. It doesn't scream out at anyone who is within smelling distance like others might, but rather just lingers in the background, and to me, that's what a good cologne should do.
I've only had it for a day, and even so I'm not sure that this will become my every day cologne, and maybe from buying this I've discovered that I like a slightly sweeter scent, but if you like dark, earthy scents then this is for you.
I think it will grow on me.