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Jun 11, 2016
WHAT! You want evidence and data?

I'm living in Canberra now, I NEVER let evidence or data get in the way of a good (my) opinion ;)
In all honesty living in Canberra and doing what you do. you have to have a lot of patience and diplomacy and a decent bs detector. Sometimes I think the last one is even more important than the facts. Too many people twist/hide/obfuscate the facts to drive their own narrative. And sometimes I think that there are too many shades of grey of the facts themselves. Always think what is the person's agenda.

Ps sorry for another long winded rant and subject derailment. Not sure what's up with me today
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Nov 14, 2014
That is all bullshit these days though isn't it? Just a few short years after Reinheitsgebot came into effect (around 1500 BC) they were allowing other flavourings, and then when they found what an affect it had, yeast was allowed into the mix. Since the 1990s German beer can have Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP), diatomaceous earth and other chemicals for stabilisation, filtering and fining purposes.
Reinheitsgebot is more of a marketing tool that has killed many regional variations.Most large label bottom brewed beers taste so similar to each other that many cannot taste the difference between brands.

Plus with the industrialisation of beer brewing and all that glyphosate in the barley - is that beer really pure?
...and still a lot of them voluntary observe the Reihnheitsgebot

In any case my body knows best: 3 small Australian beers and I feel it the next day...5 Mass in Munich and everything perfect the next morning ;)
Oct 5, 2016
How about people try this new line before passing judgement on it? They could be a fantastic ground breaking new formula or a complete dog but we won't know without trying it first...
Bumping this necro thread and quoting myself into the bargain!

Just wondering whether anyone has actually tried something from this new (maybe not so new anymore?) Proraso line yet? Does anyone know if it is pretty much the same stuff as the other colours but just with different scents?

Just for background, while the Green and Red are obviously pretty different soaps, it seems to me that the soap base is pretty much the same for both and I'm wondering if that is also the case here?


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Apr 15, 2018
I use the wood and spice balm. It was gifted and says beard balm but it gets absorbed and leaves my skin pretty good. I like the scent and it's the wife's favorite out of the lot I own.

I live in Melbourne not Canberra so I need a scent because there are actual places to go out here 😛
Hahaha....Love that last sentence....🤣🤣🤣🤣