Review Phoenix Artisans Accoutrements - OTRA

Oct 9, 2018
Phoenix Artisans Accoutrements - OTRA

Despite some lingering controversy over the producer I picked up this soap as it was quite affordable and the scent description was very interesting

Billed as a fougere base layered with sandalwood, rosewood, white clover, rosewater and seaweed it sounded complex and provoking.

Sadly to my uneducated nose the scent reminds me of a generic bathsoap with some vanilla and musk mixed in. At about a 5/10 strength it's not offensive by any means, but it doesn't dazzle either.

On initial lathering I thought I had added too much water (despite loading the bejesus out if the brush) as the soap didn't really hold its shape, I think this may be to do with the vegan base but it certainly made for a thinner lather than I'm used to. Adding extra soap didn't help firm the lather up so I guess this is just how it's meant to be.

On the face it's certainly very slick, only a thin layer is required and it didn't dry out at all during the shave. Post shave slickness was still there even after thoroughly rinsing at the end of the shave.

As said, plenty of slickness for the razor. The thinness of the lather doesn't lend itself to much of a cushion but the trade off (I feel) is better vision and control. Excellent shaving on two days growth which lended to one of the lowest amounts of irritation in a three pass shave I've ever had.

Overall: Affordable and great to shave with, an inoffensive scent (that lacks personality) and a thin lather are the major issues holding this soap back.