Rabid Badger (and friends) finished products sticky


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Nov 30, 2017
Not a soap, but surely worthy of an appearance in this thread??

It’s a strong musk smell which I loved when I first got it, but over time, it became less loved. That is, until I decided to use it exclusively until it ran out. I won’t get this one again, APR aftershave is much better.
Oct 5, 2016
Since my last visit, my frugal / minimalist / de-cluttering tendencies have taken over and I have focussed on finishing product I already have. So far, in order, I have got through:
- 1 tube of Derby menthol
- 1 tube of Derby lavender
- 1 tub of Cella

Next up is my tub of GFT Rose cream. Not being someone who really cares about scents, I have found the performance of these products to be more than adequate when I am both in a mood to chew through them and am using the same product every day, thereby optimising my technique for it as a result. Have had some very enjoyable shaves with all these products, even though I probably won't re-stock them.