Smart (Mechnical) Watch?

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Jan 5, 2014
Newcastle, NSW
So, I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to a watch, I quite enjoy the older mechanical watches and the charm that no matter what it's going to keep ticking and tell me how part into the post-emp Apocalypse I am. However, in this new day where we seem to need to do so much more than ever before, for the simple reason of doing it smart watches are becoming more and more accessible, and quite cheaply. I rock a vintage hamilton, a recent seiko and most recently I picked up a pebble.

Now I love the mechs and I will divert for a moment to explain the pebble, this is a watch I can wear for a week without the need to take it off the shower or charge, recharging is done in a few hours which can easily be performed while I'm sitting down watching some movies, television or even a video game. It works as an alarm clock to wake myself and no one else sleeping near me with it's vibrator motor, I've come to enjoy these features, the alarm mostly. However I bought it for none of these reasons, I'm trying to get fit, and a pushbike is how I plan on doing it when I finally get off my ass to do so. A Garmin cycle computer (e.g Garmin 500) costs in excess of $200, however a pebble, my pebble, cost me $69 from DSE and does most of the stuff the garmin can while connected to my phone... and a lot more. So I bought it as a cheaper alternative to another device, and to be honest, looking at (photos and reviews) of other smart watches nothing does what the pebble does any where near as well. But, I still much prefer the wear a crystal faced mech, my pebble has already seen some wear from work and I'd happily live without it.

However Montblanc, one of these manufacturers I could only dream of owning a watch from have come out with a unique solution, I think it's quirky but it makes me wonder, who's interested in wearing two watches at the same time, is getting your phone out of your pocket that hard. I had notifications on my pebble and turned most of them off as I'd read a message, dismiss it on the phone then forget to reply to it at all, and for someone as easily distracted as myself I don't want to be trying to read a text message on my watch while riding my motorcycle, which I do admit to doing on more than one occasion, and having a watch buzz for your attention during a meeting, dinner, or other appointment however discrete it may be will always cause an unnatural reaction/desire to attend to it that will only make you look like a tosser or seem rude to those your in the company of.

TL;DR: Don't buy a smart watch unless it's for a different to intended purpose, otherwise by classy, stylish, and unique buy a real watch.


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Feb 2, 2011
I like the idea. Kind of a smart way to go about it but I cannot help but wonder how much scratching you would get on the e-strap.

I certainly do not like the price. That said, a Valjoux 7750 movement for ~AUD$4800 is okay value. I can get TAG Link Chrono or Oris ProDiver for well under that sort of money.

I never understood Mechanical Watches until I got one. Now I would only ever get a quartz where I absolutely had to. Smart Watches don't grab me as I have my phone which does everything else.


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Jan 25, 2012
Wish I'd picked up a Pebble when they were $69