Str8 Rescales

A couple of recent rescales put through the workshop in the last couple of weeks
includes this fantastic pre 1900 Fredrick Herder for @Wolf
Requested to match a previous Henckels that was rescaled as the current scales although nice didn’t fi.r the blade and protruded through the scales
Scales are buffalo horn with a custom nickel silver spade inlay to suit the Herder stamp
Washers are brass bullseyes
Wedge is red G10
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John Tingle dressed pair with a Joseph Rodgers microtome
This was a pair of Vintage John Tingle straight razors the blades are close but not perfect matches and new matching suits were requested to match the original mottled horn on 1
so went with a light & dark horn option
Scales are matching buffalo & translucent honey horn with a wedgeless design
New brass done washers
There was also a naked Joseph Rodgers microtome blade in the batch
we thought might be a lost cause as new scales were not seen as a valued upgrade
But it was rescaled in salvaged dark horn from one of the John Tingles with a minor bit of reshaping, so all in all a bonus restore for minimal outlay