Whats your general look?


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May 10, 2017
How many of you guys would consider yourself to be T shirt and jeans kinda guys.
I’m not a fashionable guy by any stretch, generally it’s sedated, brandless t shirts and vertx pants, very functional and easy to move around in.
I kinda subscribe to the Greyman idea of dressing and generally don’t like looking like a billboard for brand anyway.


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Apr 26, 2011
After a certain age your 'six-pack' tends to stay in 'the esky' - so t-shirts may not be the most flattering - you are a long way off that but are warned!

General look?

Work - suit, M J Bale my current go to. I have six and rotate around
Out and about - smart casual, 'chinos' (R B Sellers) or 'moleskins' / dress jeans with R M W boots adn usually a long sleeve shirt. Often with a jacket (wearing a light linen jacket today in Sydney.
At home (or to hardware store) - daggy work/ casual clothes, short. worn jeans, t-shirts, whatever is at hand - must be capable of getting dirty
Jun 28, 2017
I don't have much preferences... T-shirts, and pants that I may have. Currently I would say > 80% of the clothes I use I got from discards or from people actually leaving Tassie (it is great that two of my best mates here were really fancy, so I now have fancy clothing around). I reckon I have bougth a couple of T-shirts in the last 3 years and a pair of shoes, excluding underwear, of course. Still, I am normally well dressed
I have not wear a suit since the last wedding i attend (1997), but I like them. I would buy a couple once I get more permanently settled. For now, I will need a bigger suitcase if I leave Oz, for not having to leave any of shaving provisions, so I cannot buy stuff as If Lived permanently here xD
May 2, 2017
Work - Shorts, Polo shirt and sandals
Out and about - Shorts, Polo shirt and thongs
Home - Shorts, Polo shirt and thongs
When using my chainsaw- Jeans.Polo shirt and boots.
I hate dressing up I'll only do it for weddings and funerals.


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Oct 10, 2013
Whatever the occasion, where ever I go, I've always a suit.
In the interest of modesty,please don't ask to see it...