Why Don't You Shave With A Straight Razor?


Grand Society
Nov 23, 2017
I have an artist club straight razor that I have used a few times. The main reason I don't use it more is the level of focus required. If I make a mistake I'll pay for it a lot more than a safety razor.

I went artist club over a proper straight because the cost (honing stones :() and time to properly hone and strop the blade, wasn't something I could justify.

Lastly I'm not sure if the shave is actually better over a double edge safety. Both have the blade come in contact with the skin. Happy for someone to fill me in.


Our resident snake charmer
Jun 13, 2020
Back in the days when I worked as a blacksmith, before I started shaving my head, I used a Western kamisori that I made for myself for a few years*. No big deal, it got the job done very well. I don't necessarily agree that it's a superior shave to a good quality DE razor. I think that's largely a myth that SR shavers like to retail to make themselves feel superior. The same trouble spots still needed buffing, and when I started shaving my head on a daily basis, I couldn't justify the amount of time it takes to do a decent job of that with a straight.

To illustrate my point, I suggest using a look at how long it takes a professional barber to do this, and he doesn't have to work blind.

*edit: I couldn't be bothered making scales, or having to manoeuvre them while shaving, so I just wrapped the razor in some gauze when not in use.
Nov 1, 2018
To be honest I don't know if its better but i generally get a smoother shave. Stones are a sunk cost but I use the same hones for my knives as well. As for greater concentration, not so much I don't find I need to pay any more attention. I shave without my glasses with no problems. Its like anything, repetition makes mastery. That being said eventually you will come a cropper if you don't respect it. I'm sure we have all had those near misses with knives, axes, guns, chainsaws etc. If we are lucky no major damage. At the end of the day however shave with what you like and what suits. I actually like honing a razor or a knife and stropping is no big deal. Sometimes I use a DE because I just cant be bothered choosing a straight razor. I also get a good feeling about bringing the straight back to life and like vintage stuff. But lets face it most of use have more than we can use in a lifetime.