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These terms may be changed at any time without notice. If you do not agree with these terms, or any changes in the terms, then we will happily close your account.


Signups are required with a PERSONAL email address, do not use a work address. Signing up with a work or business address may result in your account verification being rejected.

Please do not use a VPN while signing up, doing so may result in account verification rejection, especially if that IP or subnet has been used for spam signups. Leave the VPN off, so we can validate your account detail to IP Location.

We subscribe to one simple Golden Forum Rule: DON'T BE A DICK. Follow the golden rule and you won't have any problems.

Since some people have problems understanding what the golden rule means in practice, here's a few more specific examples of how not to be a dick:

  1. This is a forum aimed at people who shave, or like shaving, or find it sexy or whatever. That includes humans of all types - races, religions, sexual orientations and political persuasions. All are welcome. If you want to make someone feel unwelcome, stop being a dick.
  2. Personal attacks will not be tolerated as they are a dick move. Discuss the topic at hand.
  3. Certain topics are verboten on this site and will not be entertained in public discussion as it more often than not turns people into dicks. If you want to discuss the following topics, kindly go elsewhere to do so:
    • Religion or fraternal orders of any sort;
    • Politics, political parties or personalities;
    • Either side of the Abortion or Vaccination debates;
    • Vegetarianism/Veganism, and Paleos too for that matter.
  4. Being a vendor and pushing your business and website with a personal account. Definite dick move that. Read below if this is you.


We gladly accept vendors to this site, as long as they are held in reasonable esteem by the wet-shaving community. There is no charge for this, no fees will be levied, however you continued participation here is at our sole discetion and leisure.

We will not allow vendors to participate here unless the following pre-requisites are met:

  1. You have a proper, hosted website for your business including ordering functions;
  2. You have a real domain attached to your website/email with verifiable WHOIS on the domain (no domain privacy);
  3. The vendor entity has a business with substantial shaving-related focus, or has a focus towards an area which has a separate forum dedicated to it on Paste & Cut.
  4. Persons applying for vendor accounts are authorised by the vendor to speak for or on behalf of that legal entity, and directly work for that business entity. We do not accept accounts from external marketing, PR or SEO firms.

Accounts with email addresses from domains that can be considered as businesses looking to advertise here will be rejected if there is no prior permission granted.

All applications for vendor-based accounts must be directed to admin@paste-and-cut.com.au PRIOR to creating your account for approval and instructions. You need to wait for approval plus instructions before proceeding. Failure to do so may result in a permanent ban for your business from participating here.


We do not accept applications for accounts representing commercial entities in general for marketing, PR and SEO purposes. If you have been mentioned here, congratulations but you have no ability to engage with our community. If you believe there issues with something that has been posted, you may email admin@paste-and-cut.com.au and we will review your request in relation to the general terms above.