Blackland Sabre redesign...


Our resident snake charmer
Jun 13, 2020
There has been a lot of hot air circulating about this for a while, but Shane has now got to the stage where he's showing off a prototype, albeit with the Vector handle for the moment. For someone who has been (and is still) very happy with my V1 Sabre L2, this one has knocked my cynicism off to one side with a radical innovation: removable and flippable SBs. It comes with two, so you get four levels. Clever and sleek, I think I like it. Damn. :facepalm:

No....... Please no, I don't need another razor in my bloody den.

NO MOAR! :banghead: God Dammit! I'm fully blaming you for this @Gargravarr, Mrs @Gargravarr punish him right now.

The price is going to be north of 200usd and I am thinking 250usd. Looks good however, Blackland uses 303 stainless steel except for in this case it has some 17/4 SS used as a magnet to hold the removable plates. If they used 316 stainless steel that could be another story. 303 stainless steel can cause tea stains. Caveat Emptor.
I was sort of curious about the head, but that handle is fugly. I'll be sticking with my Sabre V1 L2. Nice to save my money for once.
Just get the new head while you've got the handle, if, you don't like the new handle design.
I don't want it, I'm quite happy with my Sabre V1. Besides, Shane has said he's not going to be selling parts separately, as he doesn't want the inventory headache. I can see his point, with the new version you get the equivalent of 4 plates in one go.