Hello, long time lurker now on the books


Jan 8, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
Hello, as the title suggests, I have been lurking on this site for a couple of years, mainly to read Errol’s reviews. I’m now happy to be a fully fledged member. I have been a shaver for 35 years and have just started using a straight. Love it! Thank you to all for sharing information on this site. Peace!
Welcome to P&C @Marnye - great to have you here (y)
Welcome - you have come to the right place. Plenty of insanity, shenanigans and inappropriate behaviour, oh, and some shaving related stuff as well.

Welcome to P&C it’s a great forum.
Feel free to join in a post your SOTD details.

What razors & soaps do you use/prefer?
Garry, MdC soap is my preference along with my SV brushes x 2 and my Chubby 2. ATM, I’m using a couple of Aust and a couple of Colling straights. Also have a few others in need of a hone. I will do some SOTD posts when time permits. I have a toddler that dominates my attention presently. Good to hear from you.