Troy Tools Custom Brush Handles







I'm going to be in the doghouse as it is since I have a few parcels on their way. Especially since we agreed not to buy anything for our wedding anniversary and her birthday this month.
So how did this one go from this,,,,,


To this???


This poor little handle was doomed right from the start. Firstly it was poured on a very hot day here in Brisbane, which meant the resin started curing much faster in the pouring cups than I expected, so when it came time to pour into the mould, it didn't go "well". Then air bubbles were introduced when trying to drag a skewer through the resin to create a pattern into it. So not a good start. Then I turned it into the shape you see in pic 1, which was great for a while, but then issues developed around the burl edges where it meets the resin and a raised edge had formed due to movement of the wood. Live and learn, I have changed the way I finish these hybrids now and haven't seen a repeat of the edge raising issue since. I've even rectified a couple on warranty return to me for the same reason since.

So after a long while of wondering what to do with this failed handle, I decide to refinish it using my new process. Back to the lathe where I put the expanding chuck jaws inside the knot socket (the knot pictured was not glued in) to hold it while I rework the sanding polishing process, and bang!!! The knot socket splits open and breaks off the top of the handle. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:

So a few weeks go by and I decide to press forward with a new shape design, salvaging what's left of this attractive but now severely flawed handle. I drilled and tapped a 14mm thread down the centre of it and mounted on a threaded steel bar/mandrel to keep the thing on centre while I rework the thing, again. This has now become an exercise in skill development instead of making a saleable product. I'll be keeping this one myself.

Given the reduced diameter I now had available for a knot socket, the knot had to be small, so I went for a random small knot in my stock and chose the only horse hair knot I have. A 23mm horse knot of unknown origin, so that'll have to do. After all the new work done to make it all smooth now, I'd say 99% happy with how it ended. Just a very small ringed area of hard CA glue underneath the handle that surrounds my makers mark medallion that I couldn't bring to 100% satisfaction without causing harm to the metal badge that stayed in place throughout the whole traumatic ordeal. I'll live with that considering this one isn't for sale. At least I now have a genuine Burl/Resin Hybrid TroyCraft Custom Shaving Brush in my own den to use ;)