Angle Razor for Shavette wet shavers

Discussion started by SpeedyPC, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. SpeedyPC

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    G'day P&C,

    FYI the Angle Razor at kickstarter is a machined aluminium straight razor designed for a precision shave with affordable disposable razor blades.

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  2. Substance

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    I think the angle is the wrong side up??:vomit:
    it might be OK for trimming edges of a beard on the down only stroke WTG but what about XTG & ATG?
    I am sure the Japanese inventers/refiners of the Kamisori ended up going from flat to the handle on an upwards lift for a reason
    & why do they show someone with a beard using a shaver ??

    looks like getting Healthy eating advice from Maca's
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