APR Lightning Ridge

Jun 25, 2017
Anyone else got an APR Lightning Ridge? I picked up the EDP from The Stray Whisker a month ago and I'm just not getting along with it.

I just revisited the scent profile notes, which reads like it should be right up my alley, and I'm not smelling any of the interesting stuff - no spices, no musk, no citrus and no petrichor. All I get is a sort of slightly off artificial fruit which might be lily and ozone if I squint.

Further confounding me, The GF doesn't like it and it is short lived lasting only half and hour or so where Bourbon Rose and Cour de Vert are still going strong hours later. On paper it is the same as skin but lasts even less time.

Have I got a dud, is it the nature of the beast or is it just me..?