Barber's Rash! Home Remedy?

Jul 5, 2016
Fremantle, WA
Hi guys. I'm suffering from what I believe to be Barber's Rash around the chin and on both cheeks. After a few days of not shaving, it's barely visible under the stubble but demonstrated by a slight "tingle" rather than an itch. After shaving, there are relatively large areas of reddened skin. Old Spice after-shave, Lucky Tiger, TSW Post Shave Balm and anti-bacterial hand-wash have all met with no success.

I have read that the cure is oral anti-biotics. However, my GP is firm in his belief of over-prescription of them and I can't say I blame him. With our youngest daughter's wedding later in the year, I'd like this issue resolved for her sake (y) . Alternatively, I may have to locate a GP who will prescribe anti-biotics.


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Nov 14, 2014
I am not a pharmacist but your could try aspirin...

Crush it up into a fine powder. I then use a 100% Aloe Vera gel and mix the powder in. Then put it onto my skin for ~1/2-1 hour. I used to get rid of bumps like this, maybe it works with the rash as well?


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Feb 1, 2016
Is it an infection? If not antibiotics won't help it. If it is, nothing else bar time will. I may be wrong but of the green post shave times only the balm has anything that may help. Assuming it's not an infection, I would be looking for concentrated care ingredients since the blame has some great stuff, but the actual amount of each one in minimal per use. Maybe try using it three or four times a day?
Jul 5, 2016
Fremantle, WA
Dermatologist prescribed a Calamine (?) based lotion to be applied to face, left for 10 minutes and washed off. This was followed by a cream applied directly to the effected areas. While this did work, it did not eradicate the problem. In desperation, I resorted to the following for one week:
a. Apply Coles (YES! ) anti-bacterial handwash to face & leave for 10 minutes. The effected areas tingled.
b. Thoroughly wash off.
c. Lather and shave.
d. Immerse and leave blade, razor head and base plate in IPA for 5 minutes
e. Soak brush in anti-bacterial hand wash for 15 minutes and thoroughly rinse.

It worked; my wife commented she hadn’t seen my face so free of “blotches” for a long time.
Oct 5, 2016
Nice work. Further to this, I have noticed being prone to skin peeling, bumps, rashes, infections and other ailments, such as tinea, on my feet and hands, on and off for many years / decades. Always annoying but not so annoying that I would do anything other than buy another tube of anti tinea cream, which would temporarily work when I remembered to apply it. Then I would forget and it would come back - worse in winter than summer. I thought that was just spending time at the beach in the sun / sand to dry my feet etc out but now I know better - it was actually the greater presence of natural oils in the heat.

Then my wife went through chemotherapy and started having similar issues but an order of magnitude worse - her natural defences were cactus and to some extent the changes are permanent. Dermatologist said it's the result of the lowering of those natural defences, combined with being exposed to harsh soaps removing too much of the natural oils that are left - better to use syndets (synthetic detergents) ie skin care body washes (eg dove / qv etc) instead and barriers for anything harsh - eg she now has to always use rubber gloves for the dishes or she will break out real quick. Worked for her ever since, so I tried using the same stuff and voila - no more issues. Natural oil defences are back and I'm now far less prone to skin infections / rashes etc. Feet and hands all healed up by themselves without anymore cream, over a matter of a few months.

Taking the same approach now is why I like the approach of using the Dove soap with shea butter to shave with - syndets like this seem to be far less harsh than normal soap in the first place. You can add stuff to soap to compensate for what it takes away or you can just use a product that doesn't strip away as much in the first place. I prefer the latter. Once I've worked my way through the remainder of my soap stash, this is the way I will be going. I'm too cheap to chuck it and the variety is nice for now... my facial issues aren't as bad, although there is still the occasional flare up on the face, which is annoying... if it happens again I will PIF them all and just use the syndets.