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Feb 1, 2016
sharpologist.com has the beard map drawing. I didn't find it very useful myself. I also found the direction my hairs appeared to be growing on occasion was not the actual grain direction. I can only assume they are curly and turn once out of the skin. I found this by feeling the direction the 5 o'clock shadow felt the most scratchy. I might be just plain strange, but something to be aware of anyway.

There are those that advocate 2 off WTG and finish so yes, if that's what works for you. Try it. Won't cut it with me though. Some skip the WTG and do two XTG. There are no rules... what ever works for you. I was doing four passes on the neck at one stage (double XTG) but these days I drop the WTG on the neck and stick with three (or two as it happens on occasion).


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Jun 11, 2016
Ok. One more hurdle

Yesterday my blade was a little bit off and while the shave tugged a bit it was ok.

Now I have a massive rash :(

What can I use to deal with this post fact. Once I have an issue it's weeks until the skin recovers. And then a moment of inattention and boom, it blows up again. This is getting annoying.
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Nov 14, 2014
Take 2-3 Aspirin tablets and crush 'em up with a small spoon as fine as you can.

As carrier I prefer the 100% Green Aloe Vera Gel you now can get in every supermarket, but you can use whatever you want (water, your AS,...): make a paste out of the crushed Aspirin and the carrier.

Put it onto the area in question 30min to 1 hour is plenty and then wash it off...do that before you go to bed and you can shave the next morning (y)