Disposable Razor Industry slump in profits


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Feb 8, 2011

DEAR men of Australia. Please get rid of your stubble. Yours in clean-shaven Christmas cheer - the Shaving Industry.
The above is not an actual Christmas greeting, but you can bet it's one the executives of large razor blade manufacturers would love to send.
Big Shaving is bleeding this year, as the stubble craze cuts into sales and profit expectations are slashed.
The problem is one of simple economics. The spike in facial hair means less demand for razors. Ward Klein, CEO of US-based company Energizer Holdings (which owns both Schick and Edge), recently reported that the weakness in some of the personal care categories in the US was "unprecedented".
"I'm really talking about razors and blades in particular," Mr Klein added.

So. It appears that the disposable razor industry is not making as much money.

Who is to blame? Drubbing? RM? The Gthomas method?
I blame the AFL and NRL. One weeks it's tatts, the next it's Ned Kelly beards.

Neither a good look IMO.

Firstly, the increasing acceptability of beards and stubble in the workplace has meant that more men have the freedom not to shave. This, in turn, has led to a trend towards electric shaving products which trim stubble and beards rather than removing them entirely. Secondly, disposable razors have gotten better. So people don't need to buy them as often."

Getting better? What a bunch of fucked up spin. It's the fucking prices too. But they aren't going to mention that, are they.

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