Gillette Super Thin (Thai) Blades in Nepal

Discussion started by Dustin L, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Dustin L

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    Found these at a little corner shop in Nepal today.
    Bought 4 packs for NPR 100 which is just over $1.25.
    I haven't tried them yet but if they are any good, I might buy a bunch of them and bring them back with me.

    Let me know if anyone else in Perth is keen on grabbing some and I'll see what I can do :)
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  2. Dustin L

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    So I had a head shave with one of these blades tonight and it was incredible.
    I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

    I had a sunburnt head and about a weeks worth of growth and took the Rockwell R6 to the dome and this blade mowed down the hair and was incredibly smooth for me.

    My go to blade has been Nacets but after this one shave, these super thins are giving them a run for their money.

    Will see how we go after a face shave tomorrow!
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  3. Ferret619

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    This is a significant discovery in shavegeekology
  4. Monsta_AU

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    They are good if you get the legitimate ones. Plenty of fake Superthins around, mostly in yellow packaging from Thailand in what I have seen. I have a few tucks of the older packaging.

    Looking at the packs they don't show the cracking or peeling on the corners of the boxes, so they are likely legit in my book.

    Please also remember, you are in Nepal. It is a 3rd-world country, and while you may think you are doing them a favour by buying them out of these blades, you may do them a disservice as it may take some time to get new stock in. Locals will buy a pack at a time, not a tuck. Please do business with them if you wish, but be considerate of where you are and how your actions may affect others.
  5. Ferret619

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    Great info-
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  6. Dustin L

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    Thanks mate, that's very thoughtful of you, to be honest I hadn't considered that aspect.

    To be fair though I am in Kathmandu, not a little village somewhere so I imagine they will be able to get more fairly easily but I will defenitely ask around before I decide to buy more or not.

    As for the authenticity, I'm no expert but these are black and a pinkish colour packs and seem legit, defenitely no peeling of the paper on the packs.
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  7. Monsta_AU

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    Oh in KTM itself you are better off for sure, but getting deliveries of new stock is not like we would experience here. It still takes time to get it imported and at the wholesaler, let alone to a retail shop. The supply chains that you and I are used to simply don't exist in many parts of the world.

    I saw an American trying to buy out the stock of a medical product on an island simply because it was 'half the price of what it costs back home', I knew that it would be 2 months before new stocks would arrive on the boat. That had a major impact on me while trying to explain to him that while he can buy it, he should buy enough to cover his needs because there are other people that live here that need them too, and sea freight only arrives every 30-45 days or so.

    No, they look good, easy to tell via your excellent photo. I wrote about the Yellow/Red version at
  8. Dustin L

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    So, after scoping out the situation I've found there are quite possibly over 100 little shops selling blades within a 1km radius from me.

    It seems that there are two different types, the Gillette Super Thins and another brand that I don't recognise in a green and yellow pack.

    I've managed to grab 30 packs so far and hoping to grab a few more before leaving.

    I'm still fairly new to wet shaving in the grand scheme of things but I can say without hesitation that these are the best blades I've ever used.

    I've been shaving with the same blade now for 4 full 3 pass face shaves and 4 full head shaves in my Rockwell on R6 and it has felt smoother than a Nacet and has lasted far longer for me. I think it's safe to say that I'll get another full head and face shave out of the blade at least.

    If you have a chance to try one of these blades and are a fan of polsilvers or Nacets I highly recommend trying them.

    I'll bring back a few packs specifically to PIF.

    I promise this is my last post about these blades!
    My wife is getting sick of me talking about them.haha
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