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Discussion started by Truggers, Jul 12, 2018.

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    @lerenau & @Truggers
    Got it thanks heaps had a look the mechanics looks ok from the pic the blade doors appear ok & close. Some slight pitting. Now what I'd do with this as it could be without having it in the hand a great daily user. So scrub it up with toothbrush and washing up liquid I would not polish it might take far to much of the remaining gold off. Of course ideally I'd strip it down to get to the inners and clean it but that's something not everyone can do. Not sure if I'd bactericide it personally. but a risk one takes.

    Now my only experience is renovating somewhere between 40/50 FB's & Slims over time. So that's my 5 bobs worth on it.

    Go careful go slow and easy with it don't rush take each slow and review as you proceed

    Oh and price wise you did do really well
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    Really appreciate you and lerenau taking the time to look at it !
    Will definitely follow your advice and assuming that it opens and closes smoothly then I won’t worry about the internals too much.

    Is there anyone here in Oz or NZ offers razor servicing ?
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    There is a couple guys on here I believe and local in state for you I used to but retired now from it
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