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Discussion started by dangerman, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Hi everyone.

    In a sense I'm pretty new at old school wet shaving. Been trying for more than a year but usually just on a Sunday as most days I can't spare the time, so I use disposables for head and face and get very good results. I love the gear and the ritual of it all but sadly I'm yet to get a good shave with the DE gear (always a lot of stubble to put it mildly) and slowly working my way through different blades and and soaps with my Parker 24C.

    So far I'm enjoying the soaps far more than my Sunday shave results. I've tried Proraso white and green, TOBS Sandalwood and Grapefruit shaving cream. Using an Omega S Brush, I havn't caught the brush bug yet thank goodness. So many possible areas my I could be going wrong, I do wonder about my angle as I shave among other possible causes of my shaving woes. Starting to consider a different razor (that's the gear head in me) but I'd say I'm almost certainly jumping the gun at this stage.

    So I'm hoping to lift my game, but I'll save it for another post

    Looking forward to getting to know you.


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    Welcome to P&C @dangerman!
    There's heaps of knowledgeable and friendly people here for support.
    Great to have you aboard!
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    Welcome aboard bud!
    just to play devils advocate, my first was a Parker and although they can make great razors by many report, the one I got sucked hard, so a billion razors later I've found several that work well for me.
  7. dangerman

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    Thanks everyone.

    Ferrer619 this scenario is what is in the back of my mind. Banging my head against the wall when the problem is the razor. Especially when you read of others getting good shaves after just a bit of practice.
    Still it's more likely my technique at this stage. I just saw a video on YouTube showing a better result with a different angle on this razor so I will give it a go next chance I get. I do love the look and feel of the Parker, I'd love to get it working for me.
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    Solid plan, that said there are some nice vintage items going cheap on the bay so it's not a huge outlay to try something else
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  10. dangerman

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    Thank you all again for the warm welcome!
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    Welcome @dangerman - there are so many variables to a shave aren't there - blade/razor/angle/prep/soap/brush and luck! Try a few different blades and angles and if still having problems I'll send you a few vintage Gillettes to try out (y)
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  13. dangerman

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    Thanks for the offer Snooze. I'll keep plugging away for a few months and see how it works. ☺️
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  14. alfredus

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    Welcome to P&C @dangerman - great to have you here (y)

    I for one would say to keep it simple at first - and with at first I mean until you get consistently the same shave out of a setup.

    Mixing the cartridge with the DE might be a hard thing for your technique, so maybe try to stick with the DE more often? Maybe start with that routine on your next holiday or so, when you have a bit of time on your hands...
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    Welcome @dangerman. Stick with it and eventually it will just click and you wont want o go back to cartridges ever again
  16. dangerman

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll definitely stick with just my DE go on holidays in a month.
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