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Discussion started by Dman69, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Dman69

    Dman69 Member

    Hi, just joined. I started DE shaving a month or two ago, only found this forum today.. I'm currently using
    • Merkur closed comb on top of a Rockwell SS handle (kind gift from an acquaintance- I originally got the Merkur 33c, felt like a toy in my admittedly big paws )
    • Astra SP blades - mf face seems to "like" these..
    • Proraso blue cream in the tube
    • Using a bit of the Nivea two phase aftershave, and witch hazel as a toner.
    Looking forward to some interesting conversations!


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  2. SpeedyPC

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  3. Mark1966

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    Welcome @Dman69 - clearly some work to do in increasing your collection!

    Some brush people might wander by to and ask you about knots and lofts and things like that :)
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  4. Dman69

    Dman69 Member

    Mmmh.. brushes.. I fear I'm going to have to play catchup there..

    I have three, but they're all fairly budget items. One's an American Crew, I have a 7.95 brush from coles with the stiffest bristles known to creation, and a wahl brush my wife got me a while ago. No idea as to what they are exactly - horse hair or boar i daresay, but probably not badger- what little reading I've done suggests they're a bit dearer than I've been paying...

    As for collecting, time will tell. My mother gave me my grandfathers DE razor the other day - its at least 75 years old , and time permitting I'll post some pics so i can figure out exactly what it is.. I do know it gives a decent shave still..

    I have a couple of handles -the Merkur 33c, the rockwell, and a plated brass bamboo monster from ebay (Techici Shave). Looking to put a head on each - a Merkur Open comb, and a Pearl closed comb on the other.. Down the track maybe just maybe I will get a Rockwell 6S, and I've heard the Maggard razors are rather good too..

    Let's be honest - shaving can be a chore, but I have to say switching to DE shaving is fascinating- I've never seen myself as vain, but I'm getting quite fussy about getting a decent shave. Please tell me this settles down with time
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  5. lerenau

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    Welcome @Dman69!

    Oh please do! Sounds great!

    I have bad news for you. I'm about 9 months in and every time I think I've had enough, something else piques my interest.
    ... Just an hour ago I had to dedicate a second drawer in my bathroom to shaving paraphernalia.
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  6. alfredus

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    Welcome to P&C @Dman69 - great to have you here (y)
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  7. Korbz

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    Welcome to the fray mate. Always good to see another Brisbanite in the mix. North or Southside?

    Yeah, nah. It only gets worse :)
  8. Snooze

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    Welcome aboard @Dman69 !
    You are off to a great start - prepare to have your mind (and bank account) blown when you start down this rabbit hole :p
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  9. Director

    Director Member

    Welcome aboard dude!
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  10. Dman69

    Dman69 Member

    Kinda in the middle - I live in the inner southwest (Corinda) but work over at Herston..
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  11. Welcome @Dman69

    As @Korbz says, good to see another Brisbanite here.

    If you want to try some Aussie Artisan soap or AS for comparison just let me know - i've got some Australian Private Reserve and Squadron Soap I'm happy to put into sample jars for you (I'm based in the CBD so logistics should be workable).
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  12. RustyBlade

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    Welcome @Dman69, yes you'll be expanding your Den rapidly by hanging out in here with this lot!
    Look forward to your SOTDs (if you have the time). (y)
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  13. todras

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  14. Dale.Whiley

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  15. Havachat45

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    G'Day and welcome DMan - I live for the time that you convert to cut-throats....hehehehe
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