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Discussion started by Truggers, Jun 5, 2018.

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    I have been wet shaving for quite a few years and RAD immediately hit hard.....I thought I had it under control recently but then discovered it had just moved on to brushes....and a few soaps !

    Mine are alll generally user grade and my current favourites are an MMCP for SE’s and and an Eclipse Red Ring for DE’s. I was very lucky on the Red Ring as they are normally way beyond my budget but it popped up on the bay here in Oz and I snagged it for $10. Poor photos and description but arrived in great condition after some toothbrush & soapy water TLC.

    Anyway have been lurking for quite a while and am amazed at some of the collections out there -

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    Welcome to P&C @Truggers - great pickup on the Red Ring (y)
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    Hey there @Truggers welcome to the P&C Forum and enjoy....
  7. eggbert

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    It was you!!!
    I think a few of us saw that one after the fact and were cursing whoever bought it. Now that you have joined us, we will have to consider what your penance will be.
  8. Truggers

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    Yes sorry - I had a very general search saved and it popped up....took about 10 seconds to think about it...not sure why it took so long .
    I would post a photo but all my pics are on iPad/iPhone and have not worked out how to do it yet. I can’t find this forum on Tapatalk which makes posting pics quite easy.
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    Welcome mate!

    Yeah we pulled out of Tapa as they were doing forums over a little and the boss said enough is enough.

    Photos need to be hosted elsewhere and linked here.

    Nice pickup anyway
  11. Truggers

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    No worries- Did the link above work ?
    If it did will post some more
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    Yes, if you post the location within the Image button on the toolbar as I did below your link
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    Welcome mate :)
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    Welcome to P&C @Truggers - great to have you here (y)
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    Welcome @Truggers, ahh the old Northern beaches. My old stomping ground. We lived in Dee Why for the best part of a decade.

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