IPv6 now officially active on forums

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Feb 2, 2011
While this has been active for a little while now, I have been reluctant to announce it with our previous hosting not really being that stable and often having outages on the IPv6 side, plus not all of our DNS servers had IPv6 available.

After a bit of work and ongoing monitoring, IPv6 is working well and if your ISP supports it along with your modem & PC configuration, you should see something like this:

Current support amongst local ISPs is centred on the iiNet group (iiNet, Internode, Adam) and Telstra also supports it for all connections except residential customers (Bigpond) on an opt-in basis. Some other smaller ISP's also support IPv6. If yours does not support IPv6 then please pressure them into doing so.

Moving forward, IPv6 connectivity to this site will be as important as IPv4. The Asian region - of which we are a part - is now on the final 16 Million address allocation and most ISPs and providers are unable to get any more IP address space.

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