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Nov 14, 2014
I really love some good lather porn shots - so why not have them here at P&C as well :D

Maybe @Mark1966 wants to re-post his recent excellent efforts as well, maybe the powers to be want to make it a sticky - in any case please show us some great lather shots!

And if you are unhappy with your lather or want some input - well show us those as well!

As a celebration of @bald as being well and back home again my first 2 are with his soaps. The first one with my Rudy Vey Shavemac and is his Tallow and Lanolin creation, the second one with my Chubby 2 and his (high) Tallow Lemon Myrtle - hope you enjoy:



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Apr 26, 2011
From this morning - no need to re-post shots from previous shaves!

This is my most marginal brush and I did not put a lot of effort into this lather - no time this morning to muck around. Shots below are after my usual 2 1/2 pass routine -

D R Harris Marlborough soap on vintage butterscotch Simpson.


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Feb 1, 2016

Not a great lather this morning. I think i need to try a new milk. You guys must have amazing milk. Oh......
Yeah bubbles too big? Try banging the base of the jug firmly on the bench top a few times. That should pop the big ones! Doesn't work with shaving lather tho.
Feb 23, 2016

One submission from myself.
I forgot to take a picture of the lather before, so I whipped out the brush and did another go. Figured I need the practice to learn about the new SV I have.

What do you guys think? I added a lot more water this time. Loaded less soap too, easier to get the right balance. I'll use these pointers for tomorrow's shave. If it is smooth shave, means I got the ratio right.
Feb 23, 2016
@silver I've got the same color lather bowl as you when I git from Men's Biz about 6 months ago, any way great lather shot you've got their ;) and it's look perfect too me.
Yea was a bit reluctant to buy it, it was a little expensive. Went around hunting for a similar bowl that has grooves at the bottom, couldn't find a good one. And even if I did, it's very thin. This is one thick ceramic bowl. Great bowl, although it's on the pricey side.

Thanks for your kind words, I tried applying it to my hand, now I get what they mean by 'when a lather is well hydrated and shave ready, you can evenly spread an even coat of lather than covers your skin, and you shouldn't be able to see your skin colour.'

I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I nailed it right!