Mama Bear's Den goes up in smoke

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Feb 2, 2011
Very sad news to report today, unfortunately Sue from Mama Bear's Soaps had an incident and has lost her home due to a fire. She is safe, as are her two dogs and her Harley, however she did lose her cat to the fire, along with a vast amount of soap making equipment, raw materials and some finished stock in the blaze.

This post is to let you all know that while it is not quite business as usual, Mama Bear's is still open and taking orders. Certain products have had to be removed from the online store, but there is quite a bit of stock in her shop which is some distance from her home.

These shave soaps are well loved in the wet-shaving community and I encourage you all to make a purchase and support her during this very difficult time. There are also some great bath soaps there which make amazing gifts for loved ones.


And just to make it even easier, Himage now stocks a limited range of Mama Bear shave soaps. They do free postage to anywhere in Australia with no minimum order - the price is delivered to your door... or possibly more correctly... letterbox or PO Box.
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