Matching right stone to steel and hair type

May 1, 2016
Hi All

Is there any proof of the theory that matching the right hone and the steel used in different straight razors plus adding in the type of growth your beard has? A few people have commented that a Japanese whetstone vs a corticule will shave slightly different depending on what type of steel was used to make the razor.


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yep coticule will give a smoother edge in most cases and seems to work really well with the softer Sheffield steels. Having said that I have a La Verte coticule which can take on Swedish steel (mostly used with Japanese razors), and my La Dressante and La Veinettes can give a superb edge to Solingen. A JNat works great on the harder steels - like Swedes and Solingen, but I've never found it great with Sheffield.

But this is from my limited experience.