Merkur Progress blade gab #1.5 very difficult to find the cutting angle


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Jan 19, 2016
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G'day all,

When I set my Merkur Progress blade gab #1.5 just like the Feather ASD2, I'm having some difficulty keeping and find the cutting angle as I have no problems shaving at approximate 30dec and when I try 45dec is very difficult to keep this angle throughout shave.

My question is:- Is this always a know issue when using a Merkur Progress blade gab #1.5 as I have no problems setting at #2 :(:oops:

Cheers ;)
The smaller the setting the narrower the "window of opportunity"...

But I think this is very good for you - you learn how to keep a constant angle. A wider window means also, you have more possibilities to get it wrong - ie to scrape rather than shave.

Also please don't forget: different settings have a different "correct" angle. The progress was my first razor and I learned this the hard way. Choose 1 setting (~2) and keep it for a while - trust me it will make your life easier.
@alfredus setting the blade gab #1.5 doesn't feel right when I'm trying to keep an angle right during my shave, and when I experience the blade gab from #2 to #3 no issue at all without irritation and from #4 to #5 is getting too aggressive around my neck area and I wouldn't go pass #5 no way.
Easy - leave it on 2 or 3. Problem solved.

@Lifes a Peach I understand what you're saying.

All I'm just saying for example when I used a disposable cartridge razors showing a single blade right and the blade is #1, why can't I get a good shave using a single DE blade with my Merkur Progress setting the blade gab below #2 all the way to #1 and having some difficulty keeping and find the cutting angle with a Merkur Progress it seem bloody strange o_Oo_O:oops::oops:
Simple things to start with. @alfredus's advice is spot on.
Check that you have the head aligned with the body. If you don't know what that is research it. Also the blade gap is small on 1 so set it on 2 for a week and learn how it feels and sounds as you get the angle correct. I really enjoyed the Progress but getting the correct angle was challenging but then one day it was there. :)
@bald as you are correct about getting the correct angle was challenging with a Merkur Progress setting the blade gab on 2 and it wasn't too hard finding the angle, trouble is it difficult to keep the same angle throughout the shave. I can understand why to keep on using the Merkur Progress for a while and it's the only way to master the shaving skill, and I can fully understand why @alfredus has to learn the hard way to keep a constant angle throughout the shave with a Merkur Progress ;)

All I can say is I'm lucky that I've bought the Merkur Progress long handle because it's the only way to learn to shave and to keep a constant angle throughout the shave, also is important to fully understand the blade gab settings as well ;)
@SpeedyPC try short strokes not long passes as that should help keep the head where it should be and you will be more conscious of the angle.

Okay I'll give a short stroke ago next time thank for reminding me @bald as , might be tricky those as I have a small head and a very tight jaw around my neck as it much easier with a long normal speed stroke ;) I might slow it down a bit while giving a short stroke a spin ;)