My Gillette Flair Tip Super Speed Review

Jun 23, 2018
Savannah GA
My Gillette Flair Tip Super Speed is a D3 date code model which means it was made in the third quarter of 1958. This is my review/thoughts on the razor. If I make any errors or mistakes please correct me as this is my first time reviewing a double edge safety razor. Also please be nice and gentle. This review is going to be kind of short, as it's my warm up review.

The razor itself is pretty. It's all silver, fancy knurling, and it has some weight to it but it does not make an issue for control, as I find it easy to maneuver all over my face. Gillette introduced the Flair Tip in the 1950's with the Blue and Red Tip Super Speeds. There was a long handle version of the Flair Tip called the TV Special associated with an advert by Gillette called the Cavalcade of Sports. There were also Rocket versions of the Flair Tip. All versions; the regular, TV Special, and Rockets are all similar shavers, in the case of being mild. When the regular Flair Tip was introduced, Gillette labeled it as REGULAR, intended for men with average skin and beard. Despite this razor being over 60 years old, it still gives excellent shaves as if it's still brand new, which is amazing.


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Nov 14, 2014
Great review - thanks for that (y)

What I would love to read is your own preferences in other razors (ie which other razors you like and dislike and why) and then compare the razor in your review to those...

That way, people who have never tried the reviewed razor, can make up their mind, if they want to try it or not,,.

Also agree with @SpeedyPC - pictures or it didn't happen :D