My visit to the Doctor.

Discussion started by Dale.Whiley, Aug 27, 2017.

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    I went to my local GP who took one look at me & said, "I can fix the physical wounds but I need to send you to a specialist to get to your real issues". After settling down into the very expensive a plush leather couch, Dr. Sigmund Freud took out his notepad and said, "Let us begin with your first recollections of your distressing thought patterns".

    Well Doc, it all started five weeks ago on a weekend trip to Melbourne for work. I personally blame the Government for anti-terrorism laws forbidding the carrying of sharp utensils on domestic plane flights but I placed a cheap disposable razor in my carry-on bag. When I returned home to the 'Ville,… … … well, a straight razor has not been near my face in the last five-week period. I have been satisfied using an SE only three times per week; Sunday, Wednesday & Friday.

    SF: I see. Everybody in Australia blames the Government for something; that is one of our national sporting past-times. That still does not explain your obvious condition & why you are here.

    Well Doc, like I said, I've been happy to only shave three times a week with just an SE. Yeah sure, I've had sleepless nights, tossing & turning, concerned I was losing my "cutting edge", just taking the easy path rather than the better path. I started doubting myself, doubting who I was, my manhood even but in a numb sort of way, just blissfully lazy to take the easy path.

    SF: I see. That is not a harmless life-pattern though. It has a profound affect on your whole life. The results are obvious; just look in the mirror. Can't you see what others see? You've tried to "neck yourself".

    No Doc, it wasn't like that. I rose early on a Sunday morning, stumbling still asleep into the bathroom, put a new blade in the SE, pulled in down the left-side of my face and ouch, I've sliced myself. Stupid!!! New blade though so I'll just be a bit careful on this pass. Ouch; I've done it again. I am really going to be careful this time and I'll even change sides of my face trying the dominant side of my body. Ouch. That's it; what is going on here. I checked my blade and one side is sitting out 2-3mm further than the other end. I have not loaded the SE securely. Looking into the mirror I have three long gouges down my face and I have so much blood pouring out of my face that the sink could be mistaken for the "Red Sea".

    Yep, yep. A terrible start to the week. My wife, after initially laughing, was upset when the axe-wounds started to dry. "They look like fingernail scratch marks. Please tell everybody at church this morning that I didn't do that to you." I figure in another 10-14 days I should have the major scabbing gone … … … I hope.

    Lesson? Just ONE shave with a disposable can place a man of otherwise good character and "disposed" to make wise and considered decisions, onto the path of destruction. Please, please, please tell other men so they may raise their sons with wisdom. Take heed to one who has suffered through "easy" thinking. Choose the better path rather than the easy path. A life of ease is not for the man who will be a man among men.
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    Very sad tale of woe ...

  3. Sticky

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    A lesson for us all.
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    Dare I say "Bleedin' obvious"?
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    Kids these days don't take note of anything that's not visual @Dale.Whiley
    A mugshot should be suffice :)
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    This week I've become a "beardo weido" not wanting to further slow the healing process. Don't tell anybody but I'm actually enjoying the look. Mind you, Monday is work and back to the sales gig so shave it probably will be.
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    Still sporting a beard but decided to tidy it up for work. Grabbed my SE down from the ledge & began trimming the edges. Started thinking that I normally get a week plus from these GEM blades but I only recall having one shave. Mumbling to myself basically with my wife in earshot, she offers. "I've been using that old looking razor for my legs & it's the best. Looks like the SE has now gone too. Pulled doron the '61 Fatboy for my trim.
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